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Diflucan during pregancy?

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Has anyone ever taken this during pregnancy?

It is the oral pill for yeast infections?





I wouldn't. This is what they gave me when pregnant with #2, I took a serum test to check for PG first, though (it came back negative). Three days later, I took a urine PG test, which came back positive... I completely wigged. This drug has not been tested with pregnant women to be certain it's safe.


As a side note... this was the son that died in utero at 22 weeks. We have no conclusive determination as to why he died, but I'm not beyond thinking that it may have had something to do with the Diflucan during early pregnancy (which is when most of the known problems with Diflucan and pregnancy occured).

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Thank you!




Such a bummer dealing with this...


I have already tried a monistat one day which did not take it away. I am concerned that it might move somewhere else that- if I don't get rid of it- will hinder nursing- ifykwim... actually concerned it might already be there...


She said I could use a monistat three day or seven day...

I really despise multi- day treatments. :(


But they did prescribe Diflucan- which I am researching before I take.

I don't want to do anything to harm the babies.



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