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Cursive help!!

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I found a good book of lined loose-leaf paper at KMart, which also had samples of the cursive letters on the inside cover. It was bound at the top so it flipped up to open, and the pages were removable. The added benefit was that there was just the slightest texture to the lines, so it seems to help the pen stop where it should on the line.


Just mentioning this in case you don't find what you need online.

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Here is a site I have been using this year for my second grader:



You download their "copy books" and print off the sheets you want to use - they offer a lot of different sayings and use three different fonts - block printing, italics and cursive. They also have two levels of copywork - short simple sayings for young kids and longer passages for older kids.


You do have to purchase their products, but they're pretty inexpensive ($1.50/book which includes 20 sayings in all three fonts). You can also purchase a compilation of several of their books for a lower per-book price. You download the book to your computer and then you have it there as long as you need and can print off as many copies as you want.


I just received an email from them today saying that through the end of January, they are offering 11% off all their products (the discount shows up after an item is placed in the cart).

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