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RE: Experiences in Biology

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Has anyone used this and can provide feedback? Is this a curriculam that is worthy of a HS credit?


It appears it is a book of labs rather than an acutal Biology course, the web site provided little in the way of samples.



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If you are talking about the book published by Castle Heights Press, then it is just a lab book. It is not a standalone course. I have not been at all impressed by the Castle Heights Press lab books I've seen (biology and physics). I do really like the Labpaq I bought for physics.



I used Prentice Hall Biology by Miller and Levine for my oldest, but hated it. I used Holt Biology for my middle dd and liked it a lot better, but I would recommend using another source for labs (probably Labpaq).

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Thanks Angie, I am looking for some options other than Apologia for Bio, I have the whole Apologia shi-bang it just seems a bit dry and tedious. It is doable, but just looking into some other options.


Anything specific you did not like? The format, labs?

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I know you said Apologia looked dry, but have you looked into the CD lectures by Red Wagon Tutorials? The lectures add GREATLY to the course (each lecture is 3 hours per module). My ds watches 1/2 of the lecture each week. The instructor uses LOTS of visuals and the lectures are so engaging. The CD contains lecture notes (with fill in the blank questions) to help the student "take notes". The CD also includes tests for all modules (different from the Apologia tests...more essay type questions), quarterly, mid-semester, and final tests, and examples of formal lab reports (4 are suggested). My ds is nearly finished with Biology and has enjoyed the course. I just wanted to throw it out as an option.


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