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PSA for parents whose dc are itching to move out of the house...

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as some of you know I work at an alternative high school part time. One of my students (age 18) decided she had to move out of her parents house. She found what she thought was a perfect deal on a room in a house and moved in yesterday. The deal required some help with a disable child in exchange for a room and small pay. She stayed there last night, did what was expected with the child and came to school today. She told us all about it. My boss did a background check on the person who "hired" her. A registered sex offender. Our student had also given this person $400 cash (for damage deposit), her social security number and bank routing numbers (for direct deposit). So, my boss had her leave school to first go close her bank accounts, then to the sheriffs office to report the situation and get an escort to her belongings. She was bit focused on "not wanting her mom to find out."


I pray this girl gets out of this safely. She'll never see the $400 again. Hopefully, that's the only thing that happens.

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Wow. I am glad that this was found out so quickly and I hope she is safe and stays that way.


How wonderful that your boss followed up on his/her suspicions and went through the trouble of checking background.

At least someone was concerned enough to explore things a bit deeper.

Not a lesson she is likely to forget soon.

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I canNOT stand sex offenders and it is one populations I absolutely REFUSE to work with because I know I am not capable of giving them "unconditional positive regard".....but,....not all sex offenses involve children (like public urination), so it COULD be possible that he is still allowed to have custody of his own child AND that the child is not in danger.


But, my ick meter was going off like mad when I read the OP. ewww.

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