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Prayers, Positive Thoughts, etc

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Dh is about 100 miles out of Knoxville. In a few hours, he meets with a contact there about employment opportunities. We (he and I) would love to move back there and have a fresh, stable start. However, I'm torn because a move will not come without heartache - for all of us, but particularly for dd.


If you don't mind, please send up prayers, positive thoughts, etc that this will be a worthwhile meeting but, most importantly, that the next step is made crystal clear to us. We want to do what we're supposed to do and be where we're supposed to be. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks so much.


P.S. I don't know if it's wrong to ask for prayers for a car or not, but on the phone, he told me he's worried. The transmission seemed to slip at one point. I've already prayed for his safety and for the correct functioning of the car for the rest of the trip.

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Praying here. I don't think it's out of line to ask for prayers for the car; he needs safe travel there and back. It's all part of the deal. :grouphug:




It's not like you're asking for us to pray that you win a new car -- you just want your dh to be safe! :)


Praying for everything to work out for you!



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Thanks, ladies. I heard from dh. The car is still acting up, but he did make it to Knoxville. The meeting went very well, so thank goodness for that. His contact has a few opportunities in mind and wants us all to come up in a few weeks so dh can interview and we can look around (dh and I lived there before, but it was 12 yrs ago!). Dh is supposed to come home in the am, but he and a friend that he is staying with are going to check out the car tonight, so we'll see. Just hoping he returns soon and safely. It would be lovely to be back in Knoxville, but I am not looking forward to the sadness dd will have over a move, wherever or whenever one might happen. I know first hand how difficult it is to move and leave friends behind when you're a child. Did it too often and hoped that dd could live always in one home and one place. That wish may not be meant to be, though. Thanks again for the prayers. They seem to have helped. :001_smile:

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I'm glad to hear that things are going well for your dh. It must be so difficult, wanting to be in Knoxville, but worrying about how your dd will handle a big move.


I'm sure you and your dh will make the best possible decision for your family, and whatever you do, your dd will be just fine.





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