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Milwaukee Archdiocese to Seek Bankruptcy Protection

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So many will loose their place of worship because of the criminal behavior of a few. It is far more than simply the children who were harmed by these predators.


That being said I do not think that the church should have to pay damages to the point where the regular parishoners are facing the loss of their church.

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Well, I might have to disagree about this somewhat. The criminal behaviour is not just by a "few" when there were/are many within the church who were/are aware of, or should be aware of, the fact that such behaviors might be occurring. Steps should have been taken to insure that this was not occurring and certainly once any allegation was made something should have been done to remove those charged from ever having access to a child again.


Not to do that makes all within the circle of awareness guilty, not just a "few".


I hate to see innocent parishioners suffer for this, but where within the church should the money come from? Should the Vatican's vast wealth be tapped to pay for this so that individual parishes don't suffer?

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As a Catholic, I would feel it the very least of their/our obligations to step up and do what was necessary to help make ammends to those 200 abused souls and stand behind them at whatever cost.


I'd count my financial losses and potential loss of the church (which doesn't sound like will happen) nothing compared to what the victims lost.


Sadly, it's a strong example of the ripple effect of sin.

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