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Our puppy ate an entire egg-shaped blob of Silly Putty...

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I knew I should have used a different word LOL, sorry Jean... where I'm from we often used the word meld to mean melt/weld so to sort of melt but like cement into her intestines. The blocking is what I'm worried about. Thank you for the link, I am off to check it out.


ETA: Okay, I read it, and wow, it could be months? ARRRGGHHH! I really, really want a quick verdict here, I don't want to be watching her output for months! ACK! *breath*

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I'd call the vet and ask about purchasing a laxative.


hmmm... I may just do that. You know, I was thinking as I was reading your response that I probably shouldn't have let her eat those 3 ice-cubes this morning. It's probably best for the silly putty to stay all warm and squishy, right? :confused: Seems common sense and yet here I gave both dogs their frozen morning treat... :glare:

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I'd call the vet and ask what to give to help thing pass through a bit more quickly,I don't think I could stand to wait a month. I have a Great Dane who eats children's socks:glare: When I am aware of the problem, the vet told me to give her vegtable oil to help move things on through. Otherwise things seem to work themselves out without my help, it just takes a bit longer. :ack2:

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