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meat free recipes

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Dh and I have decided to start the new year off with some major food choice changes. We've decided to give up sweeteners, meat (dairy), bread, and all that goes with that (packaged food). After about a month, we will add back more meats and grains. But, the first 3-4 weeks, we really want to "cut the sugar" habit. So, I need some ideas. I especially need some ideas for complete proteins Some things I've already come up with so far:

hummus and veggies

homemade peanut butter and celery

bean soup

oatmeal and fruit for breakfast


nuts and seeds for snacks

lentil soup

roasted or steamed veggies and brown rice


Most of my soup recipes call for chicken broth so I'm going to have to make them with water or veggie broth.


Lunch and dinner can be salads and/or soups. But, what about breakfast? I cannot stand oatmeal but dh likes it so he is going to have that.


Anyone have a great vegetarian chili recipe? White bean dip recipe?


Basically we want to cut the sugar craving and bring our eating to a healthier level. Suggestions??

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Hey, HollyDay!


Addressing the soup issue, I usually carmelize an onion or two in the soup pot before starting the soup and then just add waterh or the juice from tomatoes for broth.


For example, for my minestrone, I caramelize the onions while chopping the other veggies, et c and letting kneeding or whatever I need to do for bread. When the onions are nicely done, I add the garlic, other veggies and beans and saute a bit. Then I add a couple of qts of toms and water.


I find that the onions and the caramelization end up making it a nice broth.


As far as chili goes, I just make regular chili but use a meat alternative (pkgd, processed, everything you don't want). Rather, if you wanted, you could just make your regular chili w/o meat but with beans or extra beans.


I like almond butter and banana together. Sometimes I mush them together and eat with a spoon. You could try that. I usually put it in or on something, though, like a tortilla or in my oatmeal.


I also love, love, love, to heat a mix of blackberries and blueberries and heat through till they are quite warm and the juices are running but not till they are too hot and collapse. I eat them plain from a cup and then drink the juice. If berries weren't so expensive, I'd have that at about every meal.

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If you're not giving up wheat completely, you can still have pancakes or muffins and just use almond or rice milk instead. You didn't say whether or not you gave up eggs too, but there are some excellent vegan egg substitutes out there for replacing eggs in recipes. And there's always spelt flour. My dh did the elimination diet for 3 months in the beginning of 2010 so we've been there and done that. Try checking out any cookbooks by Christina Pirrello from the library. Here's a link to the recipe part of her website. She does all vegan cooking and leans macrobiotic. I've found some good stuff on there.

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But, what about breakfast? I cannot stand oatmeal but dh likes it so he is going to have that.


What's he going to have with the oatmeal? Having it more or less on its own will make him feel sluggish. Our new breakfast mantra is "Grains, Beans, Greens and a Little Bit O'Fat." Yeah, we needed a slogan :tongue_smilie: At the moment, that is flatbreads made from home ground flour, (I love our grain grinder!) beans cooked in chopped up tomato and reduced while the breads are cooking, some salad greens when we have some and avocado. More hassle than oatmeal, but far tastier and better for us.


What blood types are you? I'm getting to think there is something to that blood type diet idea.



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