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Where can I find good mp3s for free

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I got a Sansa Fuze for Christmas. I'm looking for lectures and encouragement. I can find lots of music and audiobooks, but I like listening to non-fiction stuff when I'm driving alone. I've purchased several of SWB's lectures (on sale). Any sources for free worthwhile-listening MP3s?



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Possibly your library. Ours just introduced a music download thing called Freegal and the kids are lovin' it :). I haven't really checked into it personally yet, but they tell me the library is vast. I know with ours there are limits - something like 3 free songs per week per card. The library's audio download site (Overdrive? I can't remember what it's called) also has music, but mostly it's classical - don't know if that's what you are looking for.

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yeah, I think if you don't have an ipod, anything you download via itunes will have to be converted to a format that your mp3 player can read. Its a pain, and one of the many issues I personally have with itunes, ipods, and Apple - two of my kids have ipods, and my younger daughter and I both have other brands of players - sometimes the kids will get itunes gift cards (as I won't let them buy from itunes anymore), and I have to go through all this nonsense so the files can play on my player or my youngest daughter's player...


You can listen to them on your computer or burn them to CD though :glare:


BUT, most podcasts are published in multiple formats, so if you have a few favorite podcasts, you can usually find their site and download the same podcasts in mp3 format. Like StoryNory has great podcasts of stories on itunes, but you can get the same ones in mp3 by going to their site: http://storynory.com/


ETA - my youngest daughter and I actually have Sansa Fuze players. They are great players :-) Way better than my other kids' ipod nanos...one kid is saving up for an itouch, and that one may just beat my fuze....we'll see ;-)

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