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Does anyone do World AND Am. Hist


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as 2 seperate subjects ?


How do you do this?


My DD is in 3rd grade and while she likes SOTW, she is really into Am. History. I really like the looks of the Guesthollow plan and so we are starting that in Jan. I still would like to run through the SOTW's now and then to do a full rotation 5-6-7-8 while aligning extra Am History in 7th and 8th also.


I am not opposed to doing Am Hist Mon-Wed and SOTW tues-thurs but I dont want it to get confusing. I was going to do the Guesthollow Am 2 next year, so that would mean we wouldnt have any World History until 5th.


I was thinking of just doing SOTW as a read a loud during the week, I just hate to miss out on all the cool projects.


Just wondering if anyone aligns the two and it works out OK?

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Yes - we spent three years on American history, with the obvious side notes to any important global events at the time. We spent one year on native Americans, the discoveryof and initial settlement of the East. (3rd grade)

The next year was from the Colonies to about the time of Lewis and Clark.(4th)

The last year was from Lewis and Clark to the present. (5th)

The kids LOVED it and know more about American history than almost all the adults we know :)

6th grade we did world history with Trisms History Makers,

7th - we are going back to the beginning of world history with Trisms (the Ancients).

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Living Books Curriculum does this and their suggested schedule is Mon and Tues - World, Wed and Thurs - American, and Friday- geography.


Also, Higher Up and Further In (an adaptation of Ambleside Online) does concurrent world and American history. Click on the link to see the schedule.


I have not done this yet, but I am planning to starting next year.

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We're planning on doing World History (SOTW) and US history concurrently... we're actually doing British history and SOTW at the same time this year (2nd grade), and will switch over to US history once there start to be explorers etc. I've got them lined up so that our British/US history lines up with SOTW, more or less.


What happened was that we started with SOTW1 last year for 1st grade and loved it. This year we started doing AO, and I decided that since Sweetie loved history, we'd add in the AO suggestions. We also switched to their 6 year history cycle, and I've divided out SOTW books to fit. I decided that the 6 year cycle was best for us for a couple of reasons: (1) we're covering more material by adding in British/US history so we need more time, (2) it'll line up with doing our state (CA) history mostly in 4th grade, which is a state requirement and we're with a charter school so I can't just ignore it, and (3) my younger daughter was going to be 4yo and able to understand what Sweetie and I are talking about when we were going to be doing modern history, and I just don't think 20th century history is age-appropriate for a 4yo. Switching to the 6 year cycle puts Lil'un in 1st grade and involved in her own (fun!) ancient history assignments.


Just in case someone is interested:

-6000 start of SOTW1 (1st grade)

400 start of SOTW2

1000 start of AO yr 2 (2nd grade)

1400 start of AO yr 3 (3rd grade)

1600 start of SOTW3

1700 start of AO yr 4 (4th grade)

1800 start of AO yr 5 (5th grade)

1850 start of SOTW4

1920 start of AO yr 6 (6th grade)


So you can see that we'll be doing the last couple hundred years of SOTW2 in 3rd grade, and then SOTW3 will start and last through 4th grade too. SOTW4 will cover 5th and the first half of 6th grade... AO switches back to ancient history halfway through year 6.


It took me a while to "get over" the 4 year history cycle, but now that I've been thinking about it for a couple of months I have to say that I think the 6 year cycle will suit my child and family better in the long run.



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We will be doing this next year. We will be doing the first year in our 4 year cycle with SOTW Vol. 1. I knew she would not be getting Am. History until SOTW Vol. 3 and wanted her to have some knowledge of AM History. This year we are doing BJU Heritage STudies 1 and it is just a right amount of History and Social Studies. I want to continue this and will pair BJU Heritage STudies 2 with SOTW 1, they will be taught as separate subjects. We will put our emphasis on the World History using world history read alouds though.

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