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  1. www.lessonpathways.com has lessons for K through 5th grade.
  2. Thank you, Calming Tea. I am able to use Verticy for free through a local, virtual school. I'm hoping that with this and the help of the Intervention Specialist the school has my kids can get close to grade level in reading and math.
  3. I've read posts here about Connections and K-12 virtual schools here but I don't think I've seen anything about OHDELA. OHDELA is specific to Ohio, but there are other DELA schools in other states.
  4. These are great - http://www.dynamic2moms.com/ancientcivilizations.htm
  5. Does anyone have any experience with this program for struggling learners?
  6. You can skip them if you like. Jenn included them because she had them all, but she offers other hands on resources as well.
  7. No, it is not usually difficult to find used. I think homeschoolclassifieds has a couple right now. http://homeschoolclassifieds.com/show_sale_range.asp?st=K&enNom=Kz&en=L
  8. Yes, it is complete except for math and language arts. If your children are young, you will have to add phonics. It does contains some writing assignments, but it doesn't teach writing. I think that Jessica Hulcy has written a writing program, though. There are a few moms on here that have used and loved Konos. I'm still contemplating it. :001_rolleyes:
  9. Thank you jelbe5. That didn't work either. I think I'm done with e-readers! I'm so discouraged!!
  10. I tried that but none of the books I purchased from Yesterday's Classics show up in my account. Thanks anyway!
  11. I'm really hoping someone here can help me. I have the very basic e-ink Kindle. I've had the Kindle for PC for a while now, so I had quite a few books in there. When I got my Kindle I had no problem transferring the books from the PC to the device. Today I purchased a couple books from Yesterday's Classics. When I downloaded them they went directly to my Kindle app on the PC but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them into my Kindle!! I've been all over the Amazon site and all their help seems to pertain to Amazon purchases not outside sources. :cursing: Any ideas? TIA!!!
  12. Simply Charlotte Mason uses a 6-yr, family integrated cycle. Maybe there is something on that site that will be useful to you. They have many of their items available in e-books.
  13. I just read a FB post that Debbie Strayer passed away last night. She was author/co-auther of LLATL and the Trail Guide to Learning Series and long time homeschooling mom. She will be missed!
  14. Maybe Biblioplan volume 4 would work for you. It's basically just history and lit.
  15. Our family has recently enjoyed the Wild at Heart series. My little boys are always on the hunt for lions now!
  16. :iagree: I've done all of the above. Any history or biographies that touch on Ohio or Ohians will do for the younger years.
  17. I don't think every school district offers a homeschool packet, I know mine doesn't. I just send my letter of intent with a brief outline of subjects to be taught and resources I'll be using. I don't even mention what grade the kids are in because they are all over the place. So I'll just say something like Saxon Math without the grade designation. The CHEO site is a good one for information.
  18. Ugh! I always thought Queen's products were overpriced anyway. That really doesn't seem fair. I second PLL/ILL. Or how about LLATL? If you really need something self-directed you might consider ACE PACES. I've read some good reviews of their English and Word Building (spelling) PACES.
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