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dry curly hair, oily sensitive scalp?

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Dd, 14, has incredibly thick, curly, dry shoulder length hair. Think 3C type curl. She has an oily scalp. She has VERY sensitive skin and eczema. She cannot use anything with SLS, 'cones, parabens, etc. She uses JessiCurl, which is great for her hair and does not flare up her sensitive skin. But, it is not cleaning her scalp. So, she has oily build up on scalp and dry hair.


What can she use? What product will clean the skin on her head but not make the eczema worse or farther dry out her already very dry hair? She already needs a lot of conditioner. I'm hoping tomorrow it is easier for her to work with since it has been cut. But, I need some help choosing product.

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Perhaps a good scrubbing with bicarb soda (which I often use instead of shampoo) would work instead of product? It absorbs the oil well and really massaging it in with fingers for a minute or two before rinsing might be enough. I use about a tbs but she might need more. I put it in my hand, add a few drops of water and mix into a paste, then massage into my scalp.

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One thing that I've found that helps me is to put a heavy conditioner over most of my hair and then shampoo my scalp. I give it a really good scrubbing with shampoo and a shampoo brush (little rubber thing with nubs all over it) about once a week. I also sometimes use coconut oil over the main length of my hair when I'm shampooing. The combination of shampoo rinsing over it as I rinse my hair plus conditioner directly on top of the oiled part after the shampoo gets off most of the oil, leaving just a small amount which conditions it nicely.


I have in the past used an anti-fungal shampoo: http://www.nizoral.com/products/ There is a stronger version that is available by prescription in the US I think and over the counter in Canada. This shampoo seemed to really help the buildup problem. It's too drying to use over all my hair, so I have to use the conditioner or oil method above with it.

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