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Does anyone know anything about shopping for watches (and maybe getting a deal)?

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I'm looking at watches for DH for Christmas. The ones I've found that I like best are all crazy expensive ($500 and up) :( I want to get him something he'll love and wear a long time, and I know he'll love and cherish these watches, but I just don't think I can stomach paying that much for a watch!


The two that I've found seem to be the same price everywhere online, which makes me wonder if it's fixed by the manufacturer. Can you typically get a better deal if you go somewhere local? Is an expensive, brand-name watch (Movado and Weil, in this case) worth the expenditure? I'd really love to WOW! him with it, but I don't want it to be the kind of WOW! that says, "Are you nuts?!!!"



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I don't know what you are looking for, but our Costco has some nice brand name watches at decent prices.


Actually, that's where I got sucked in! :lol: They had a gooorgeous Raymond Weil watch that I loved, but it was $600 plus tax. I came home intending to search for a better deal, but the best I could find online was $837!


But I was just going to come and post that I went ahead and bought the Movado. I found a 25% off coupon for Macy's, and I went through my ebates account for a rebate, and I got free shipping. Together, those brought the price down to what I was willing to pay for a different one, so I'm satisfied. And since it's Macy's, if he wants to return it, he can do so in person without worrying about return shipping.


Thanks Tap!


Oh, and in case anyone's looking to shop at Macy's, the coupon code is EBATESFF. I don't know if you need to be an ebates member to use it, but if you're not and sign up for ebates, you get a $5 (or maybe $10) sign-up bonus and 5% of your purchase price in the form of a rebate.

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I think your dh will be very pleased with a Movado watch. The only thing that can be a nuisance is buying replacement batteries. I used to wear a Movado, and every time it needed a new battery (once a year,) I had to pay $75 for it at the Movado store because they wouldn't replace the battery without doing some sort of "cleaning" or "maintenance" or something like that.


That was many years ago, so perhaps you can change your own batteries now, or other jewelers can do it for less, but it's something to consider, so I thought I'd mention it.




PS. I'm sure your dh would be happy with a Raymond Weil watch. Dh had one years ago and wore it to death -- I'm pretty sure it still works! BJ's has great prices on both Weil and Movado (and other brands as well.) I don't know if they sell them at BJs.com, but it might be worth a quick peek just to compare the pricing with what you paid at Macy's.

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