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What are your favorite resources for specific grammar practice?

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Grammar practice being word usage, capitalization, punctuation, etc.


Please post anything, whether it is a book or online resource and for middle or upper grades. I'd rather use something with higher level sentences than lower level.


I've used Easy Grammar before and occasionally Analytical Grammar. I sometimes go back and find a page of practice sentences from an old Abeka book. But I wonder if there is a huge compendium out there for just this purpose: practice.





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Haven't used it myself, but isn't that what Daily Grams is supposed to be for? The "High School" level of Easy Grammar (Easy Grammar Ultimate) also looks to be just like Daily Grams (mixed practice sentences rather than instructional like the elementary/middle levels).


I love the MCT Practice books, but they focus on parts of speech, sentence, phrases and clauses, not punctuation, captialziation and word usage. The sentences are already correct as written.

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Editor in Chief is helping with punctuation and capitalization. For things like word usage, we are doing the MCT Town level with my 5th grader and it's hopefully starting to sink in.


Along with that, I did have her review and copy out the definitions of the various parts of speech from a book we had called "The Deluxe Transitive Vampire: the Ultimate Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed," by Karen Elizabeth Gordon. My daughter loves the sample sentences. For prepositions, a couple are:

"Lisa shakily stood her ground with the obstreporous opposition of her puny will."

"The baby vampire hurled his bottle at the nanny and screamed for type O instead."


It's illustrated with woodcuts and Victorian or older line drawings. It isn't aimed at children, however, so be prepared for it to be in the PG/occasionally PG-13 range. If you do the "look inside" at Amazon you can get a pretty good idea.


You could also look at "Caught 'Ya: Grammar with a Giggle." It has three different levels (elementary, middle and high school). We used it for a bit before switching to Editor in Chief, which I felt went more in depth with the practice and better suited our needs.

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Editor in Chief is helping with punctuation and capitalization.


:iagree: How could I forget Editor in Chief, as it's what we've been using for years now? :tongue_smilie: We use MCT for sentence analysis, but EiC is great for finding errors and noticing things like punctuation, capitalization and usage.

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