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An update on me of sorts

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I wanted to update those of you who pm'd me and have asked how I am doing since I posted a few months ago about something happening that blew my world away.


Since then my counselor/mom has moved to CA and we have kept counseling over the phone and hope to start skyping. I had gotten a lot done before she left and felt pretty good about things. I did not have to go back on any of my depression or anxiety meds. Although not everything was healed and worked through, things are getting much better.


I had back surgery on Thursday and am at home recouperating from that right now. DH didn't come home this weekend but went to a camp that we support to help do some things there and we are joining him on Tuesday there. Our friends are the camp directors and we will be spending Thanksgiving with them. I am truly looking forward to spending time away from home with friends and my family.


Thanks to all who prayed and sent well-wishes to me. You don't realize how this carried me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

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Ginger, thanks for popping this back up!


Lisa, I had pm'd you but didn't hear back. So I just prayed for you and hoped you were healing. I don't know what happened but I will continue to pray for you and am very glad to hear that you have some counseling and help and will have a respite away.:grouphug:

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