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Photography Questions

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Dd is taking a photography class and loves it. What photography books would you suggest for a teen? She wants to move forward with some good books after this semester.


Also, one of her themes for the next class is "thoughts." Does the hive have any ideas for photographs that would illustrate this theme?


Thank you.

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My Dd took a one semester course last year using Oak Meadow's Introduction to Photography syllabus and The Better Photo Guide to Digital Photography. It was a fun course for her.


This year she is shadowing a local photographer. She's not only gaining experience in photo shoots but also in the business and advertising side of it as well. She loves this!


As far as the "thoughts" theme goes, have her shoot some photos of things that reflect her mood and perception of things. For instance, my Dd loves playing the keyboard and could play for hours. She recently took a picture of our piano keys. She shot the photo from an angle that was absolutely beautiful. She is also an avid reader and took a picture of our living room bookshelf. Just a picture of books, but it was an incredible shot. I love books too though so I loved it.


What does your daughter love to do, what interests her? Have her ponder on it and then shoot some pictures reflecting those things.


Happy Photographing!

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