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I am feeling sad for my ds

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This is my baby boy who is 10.5 He got in a fight yesterday at school and feels very bad about it. After a good nights sleep he asked me this morning why he reacted the way he did. I had to tell him I do not know. I really do not know. His teacher said he was very suprised with both boys. What am I dealing with? Hormones? Does he need counseling? Do boys sometimes just need to fight it out? Do I truly believe that boys will be boys? am I missing something? I know I am over analyzing as always.

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I agree, I wouldn't freak out over one incident, especially since he was obviously bothered by his own behavior. I would watch closely however for other signs of anger/agression that are not usual for him. It could very well be hormones....or it could be environmental/food based. I would also enlist the teacher's help, since he said it surprised him as well....the teacher may be able to notice other signs and relate them to you. Also might just be a personality conflict between these two normally good boys.


In addition to being open to continue to discuss it and being sure he knew that discussing it was perfectly fine, I'd also use any spur of the moment incidents to discuss choices in either getting angry or letting it go. "Did that character in the movie react appropriately to the situation....how else could he have reacted?" Ok, that's rather stiff sounding, but it's still early, lol....and hopefully you get the drift. I actually use movies, news articles and things we see out and about quite often to ask them if they thought this or that was right....and I ask them about the ones I think WERE actually right too, so their little brains lock onto the GOOD behavior and not just the bad.

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