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Spelling Workout.... questions....


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I have the Teacher's Manuals with the Workbooks and find them helpful, but then I'm a complete cluck when it comes to spelling rules, phonics, grammar and math facts - I need all the help I can get. But if you're good at that you may not need them.


I haven't noticed a huge variation in price, but I'm sure others will have more knowledge about that than me.

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I've never used the TM. Here's our routine:


Day 1--Read page 1 and TIP together; discuss briefly. Child does half the workbook pages.


Day 2--Child does second half workbook pages.


Day 3--Child writes spelling list twice.


Day 4--Test.


I bought the TM once. The only thing it was helpful for was to give me an idea of their suggested schedule. If I am remembering correctly, it was similar to this. I can vaguely remember pre-tests, and no writing out of spelling lists, but it's been a couple of years...


Really, I don't think you need a TM, but if you really want one for your own peace of mind, I've seen them on the Sale and Swap board here for really cheap.

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