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Job update...Thanks for sticking with me!

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Here it goes...Late last week, after crunching all the numbers and benefits, we realized it wasn't going to be as good a job as we thought :glare:. The best part was going to be where we relocated to, and the connections dh was going to make. Oh, and the part of being on with a bigger company.


Dh called his contact on Fri to say he couldn't take the position. Between the pay hit and the fact that his present project was extended 7months...it just wasn't the right thing for our family. His contact immediately, told him to send him an email with how much he needed to make to be willing to take the position.


So we sent it in Fri eveing. We are still waiting to hear back and I am getting nervous. Truthfully, I am really up in the air about this.


Hopefully, we will hear something by tonight or tomorrow. We shall see...


Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, and wonderful advice!!!

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I personally love it, when faced with a difficult life-changing decision, I feel I have done everything in my power, and then find it out of my hands. I know it is an enormous burden to feel like a huge decision is resting on your shoulders. You are in the enviable position of having put everything on the table, and the decision will now be made for you, no guilt, no regrets. Just sit back, wait to see what happens, and feel confident that, whatever that is, it was meant to be.

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