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Flumist reactions?

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My kids have gotten it every year since it's been available with not one problem. No flu either. The mist is a weakened live vaccine, so kiddos with immune problems MIGHT develop mild flu-like symptoms from it. My healthy kids never have. The traditional vaccine (injection) is made with a dead virus, so there is no chance of contracting the flu from that. In the pediatric practice where I work, we give MANY flumist vaccines every year with no problems at all. It's very safe.

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We tried it last year when we were offered the option between that and the injection. We didn't have any negative reaction to it, immunization-wise, but the kids and I probably wouldn't do it again, simply because the feeling of having it run down the back of your throat and the "taste" that you have for awhile afterward was unpleasant. The kids actually said they'd rather have the injection!


Erica in OR

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