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Historical approach to economics?

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You might try The World Philosophers by Robert L. Heilbroner. It covers economists chronologically and would be a nice jumping off point for further discussions and studies. For the early modern time period the big topics would be mercantilism and colonization (the very beg of globalization), capitalism, the Industrial Revolution, and utopianism. The economic history of Jamestown is also a rich topic. I'm sorry I can't give you specific titles - we still have a few years to go before getting to that stage!



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New Ideas from Dead Economists, by Todd G. Buchholz.


He explains in chronological order how major economists contributed to the development of economic thought and shows how their ideas are still relevant today. Kind of in the same vein as The Worldly Philosophers by Heilbroner that someone mentioned earlier. It's also entertaining because he throws in odd facts and trivia about the economists' lives. :001_smile:



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