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    I've finished the homeschooling journey, and both of my students are now at Covenant College.
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  1. Something else has helped my husband -- he had the back of his throat injected with microwaves! :eek: It was incredibly unpleasant (and so is his description of it!), but the first time it really helped. After about a year, though, his snoring got worse, and it's not uncommon to have to have that procedure done several times. He had it done again, but it really hasn't helped. He's doing everything he can do to avoid the big surgery where they clean everything out back there. The doc said his main problem is a big uvula, so the next thing they'll probably do is deal with that. Yuck.
  2. My husband has had several. He was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea about 10 years ago through a sleep study. He's in the Navy, and the dental department made him his first mouthpiece. They have worked well for the most part, but it did take getting used to because it pushes his lower jaw out. (He looks kind of like Jay Leno when he puts it in! :) ) He's had to return some of them for adjustment because if they're not fitted exactly right or smooth on the edges, it can really hurt. The mouthpiece alone usually does the trick unless he has a cold -- like he does right now. :(
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