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Singapore Earlybird US edition not available after May 31st?

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I posted this over on the HOD forums but I thought I'd ask here too.


I was just looking on the Singaporemath.com web site and it says:


"Earlybird U.S. Edition will not be available after May 31 2008. This series has been replaced by Earlybird Standards Edition."


On the Earlybird Standards Edition page it says "Earlybird Kindergarten Standards Edition has been approved for school adoption by the California State Board of Education."


Does anyone know how the two differ? We have started with Earlybird US Editions and I'm just wondering if I should buy books in advance or if it will be OK to continue with the Standards edition.

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I wonder if they're planning to replace all of the other courses too? I'm done with EB, but now wonder if I need to buy years 4,5, & 6??
If I understand correctly, the only other course they're planning on removing is the Primary Maths 3rd Edition (this is not the US Edition).
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That's too bad. Earlybird was a lot of fun and I didn't care for the standards edition.:sad:
Have you seen the Standards Edition?


There have been some detailed discussions about the Primary Maths Standards Edition in the SingaporeMath discussion boards.

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Thanks for pointing out the forums - I didn't even know they were there.


Hmm.. after a quick scan at the posts, looks like most people are happy about the switch since Standards covers more from a little earlier, with added mental math and more repetition.




I guess with a program as good as Singapore they're not going to "break" it, KWIM? I just got really nervous since I have been having major trouble picking Math curriculum, and not this rocked my little boat ;)

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I'm glad I got under the wire.


This is about the money......

I have to admit I'm ambivalent about EB, as I never liked the product (there's no comparison with Right Start Level A for K), though we love Primary Maths. It's too bad there's a separate text now, as that does add to the cost substantially, though I can't imagine a homeschooling parent needing the TM. At least there's only two levels now, instead of 4.
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