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what kind of doctor to go to for 17.5yo with ADD?

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I tried going back to the pediatric neurologist who originally diagnosed her as ADD 6 years ago (and I completely agree with the diagnosis), but his office is making appointments 6 months out and she'll be 18yo then, so she can't go there. The office staff gave me a few referrals, but the referrals they gave me were for neurologists specializing in things other than ADD.


When we went to the neurologist 6 years ago, he prescribed medication. My dd tried three different medications, all of which made her sick, none of which helped in the slightest. After three trials, she said that she was done with trying medication. If any of them had helped at all, I would have had try at least a few more, but they all caused joint pain, killer headaches, nausea, and insomnia.


She is ready to revisit the idea of medication now, but I'm not sure where to go. Should I try making an appointment with a neurologist or a psychiatrist or some other kind of specialist?


Her difficulty with focusing is really bothering her now and she's worried about how she'll cope when she leaves for college next year.

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ugh i remember running into this years ago - a ped dx'ed me with ADHD and i was treated for a bit but...being 17 and thinking i knew everything (ha) i quit taking the meds... later on, as an adult and not qualifying to see my old ped, i couldn't find a doc that treated adults with ADHD. my family doc (that i ended up with after) didn't "believe in it" (or many other things) .. it was very frustrating.


any chance the ped will see her if the appt is *made* before she turns 18? some will follow people if they were on the roll before... (of course, diff country/etc here)

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Try checking the CHADD website, they have a professional directory for families and individuals living with AD/HD. Here's a link to the site http://www.chadd.org/


I agree with the PP, it's worth it to see if the ped neurologist will see her. If they won't, you can always ask who they recommend for adults w/adhd, that would probably be your best resource for your area.


Family/general drs can treat adhd, but you can run into the roadblock of some of them either not believing adhd and/or adult adhd or not prescribing certain types of meds. My dh sees a general practitioner for his add, but we had to hunt around a little to find a general dr that would prescribe meds for it.

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At her age I'd look around for a primary care physician who would be willing to work with her. It would be a lot easier to establish her now with someone who won't cut her off at a certain age, plus it should reduce wait time and cost for appointments.

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