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Anyone want to translate this recipe for me? French to English...

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On commence par le dessert pour une fois. La plat fera l'objet d'un autre post en fin de semaine. Le plus dur est de trouver les mini-poires. Le reste est comme toujours très simple.


Poires enneigées

Pour 4 personnes

4 mini-poires au sirop ou à l’eau de vie selon vos envies (Poires de la Saint-Jean)

1/2 tablette de chocolat blanc Valrhona

1 cuillère à soupe de fleur d’oranger

1 cuillère à soupe de crème liquide

2 grosses cuillères de poudre de noix de coco


Faites fondre au bain-marie le chocolat blanc avec l’eau de fleur d’oranger, la crème liquide. Sortez les poires de leur jus et égouttez-les bien. Elles doivent être quasiment sèches. Lissez le chocolat blanc à la spatule et laissez-le refroidir presque complètement. Quand la ganache a épaissi, roulez vos poires dedans. Sortez les en tenant par la pointe, mettez les dans des caissettes ou sur une assiette et saupoudrez-les de noix de coco. Laissez complètement sécher vos poires dans un endroit sec. A déguster en deux bouchées avec le café.

Recette prise dans Gala.



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LOL - I'm sure this is no help :lol: Bablefish is only so good LOL


One starts with the dessert for once. The dish will make l' d' object; another post in end of the week. Hardest is to find mini-pears. The remainder is like always very simple. Snow-covered pears For 4 people 4 mini-pears with syrup or brandy according to your desires (Pears of Midsummer's Day) 1/2 white bar of chocolate Valrhona 1 spoon with soup of flower of orange tree 1 spoon with soup of liquid cream 2 large coconut powder spoons Dissolve with the bain-marie the white chocolate with the water of flower of orange tree, the liquid cream. Leave pears their juice and drain them well. They must be almost dry. Smooth the white chocolate with the spatula and let cool it almost completely. When the fool thickened, roll your pears inside. Leave while holding by the point, put them in boxes or on a plate and powder them with coconut. Completely let dry your pears in a dry place. To taste in two mouthfuls with the coffee. Receipt taken in Official reception.

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We start with dessert for once. The dish will be another post this weekend. The hardest part is finding the mini-pears. The rest is as always very simple.


Snow pear

Serves 4

4 mini-pears in syrup or brandy to suit your desires (Pear St. John)

1 / 2 white Valrhona chocolate

1 tablespoon orange blossom

1 tablespoon heavy cream

2 large spoons of coconut powder


Melt in a bain-marie white chocolate with orange flower water, cream. Remove the pears from juice and drain well. They should be almost dry. Smooth white chocolate with a spatula and allow to cool almost completely. When the ganache has thickened, roll the pears in the ganache. Remove the holding by the tip, put in boxes or on a plate and sprinkle with coconut. Leave your pears completely dry in a dry place. Enjoy it in two bites with coffee.

Recipe taken Gala.




This is from Google translate. :)

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