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High School Statistics Course -- What Curricula Are Available?

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I'm wondering the same thing, so I'm all :bigear:. I wish Saxon had a book on statistics. I believe I found out about the following free e-book recently on this forum. I don't know if it covers everything needed for preparing for the AP test.




Would love to know if there's a Saxon style text which can be done by the student on their own.

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It's on their website as "Against All Odds". There's a textbook and a student study guide (required - it matches up the videos to the textbook), both of which are a few editions back and therefore cheap...


Here's a link to the study guide on Amazon... the text is easier to track down. :)

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Just letting you know, if your daughter takes Statistics on her own and does a tiny bit of review in other subject areas (see link) http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/clep/ex_cm.html she will be well-advised to take the CLEP exam and obtain college credit for her work.


My daughter is NO math whiz, having completed only 1/2 year of Algebra 2, and last year she studied for a month and took (and passed) College Mathematics CLEP.

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My ds used this statistics textbook for self-study and got a 5 on the AP Statistics exam (the text is well-aligned with the AP syllabus). My dd took the PA Homeschooler AP stats class (using the same textbook) and also aced the exam. Both enjoyed the experience.


~Kathy (from sunny CA :))


Thanks! That's the book I was originally going to go with, but couldn't find an answer key for. Now with links, I'll be hunting again later today.

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