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Q about Gymboree sizing

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How do the sizes run? Small, large, true? I am looking to order some summer stuff for my kiddos coming into our summer but we have not had anything from them before. I measured their height and compared it to Gymboree's size guide and it spat out numbers i am comfortable with but was wondering how that translated to actual fit IYKWIM.



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Hmm, my DS is pretty skinny. We have trouble keeping up his pants unless they are drawstring or on the skinny side. Height wise he is measuring just into the size 6. He will be 5 in Jan and these clothes will be for Christmas, so i expect him to grow a little between now and then. Should i get 5's to be safe or go with the 6?


The girls came at size 3 and 7 which i am more than comfortable with. They were both in the middle of the measurement range for their height.

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I agree with the others, it runs a little bit large/wide. We love gymbo but some of the things fall right off the waist of my skinny girl. Adjustable waists definitely help. I also sometimes order slims if I'm buying online (they don't sell slims instore). We can definitely wear gymbo sizes longer than the same size in other brands.

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