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  1. No, I wouldn't eat it. I agree it's a lot to waste, but I wouldn't risk it.
  2. Another vote for Goodreads but, as other have stated, you may want to rethink a bullet journal. It really is just a notebook. I don't do any art in mine, but it is a nice way to keep lists of things. The most helpful thing for me is using the first page as an index and numbering your pages.
  3. I haven't found any noticeable differences between brands of yeast. Currently I am using Fleischmann's from Sam's, which I store in the freezer. I have been storing yeast in the freezer for years and have never loose it's effectiveness. The individual yeast packets get really expensive if you bake a lot of bread. I slice the entire loaf of bread and only keep out a few pieces of a time, storing the rest in the freezer.
  4. Do you like Christian Fiction? Tracie Peterson and Karen Kingsbury are two authors that have written a ton of books, and there's a good chance they may be available through your Overdrive. I have also had good luck searching Good Reads lists. There is also a whole genre called sweet romance that I think are generally considered "clean".
  5. I really like the Mrs. Jeffries series by Emily Brightwell. They are nice gentle, cozy mysteries. The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries
  6. We like these Bran Muffins Not healthy, but certainly healthier than cake. I use 1/2 c unbleached flour and 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour. You could probably add nuts for protein if desired. I should add these can be a bit dry. Eating them warm with a pat of butter makes them pretty tasty.
  7. I save my bacon grease, but I don't wait until it cools. I gently lift the foil with the still hot oil and then pour into a jar. You can kind of bend the foil in the middle to create a channel for the grease to flow down.
  8. Thank you! I plan on trying this next time I make lasagna.
  9. I just remembered I have subbed sour cream for ricotta in stuffed shells and they were delicious. I have to does the texture change. Does it breaks the curds down. I blend my cottage cheese before adding it because I don't like the look of the curds. But, if freezing it breaks it down I will have to try!!!
  10. LuvToRead


    This! I am trying to wrap my head around how someone can be cruel by handing out bonuses earlier than expected. Even if they were told not to cash their checks until Friday, it is no different than being told the bonuses are on their way.
  11. LuvToRead


    Where you actually told not to cash the checks until Friday? If you weren't told not to, then why assume you weren't to? What about if they told you the checks were printed but employees could pick them up on Friday? Would you consider that cruel as well? I admit I am a bit rankled by your idea that people are cruel to print checks early! I have experience with this very thing. In my experience department heads (or management team or whatever you want to call them) for a non-profit generally notice 2 much money they have in their budget and the overall receipts for the organization. Most don't notice the new furnace that needs installed, the roof that is leaking, the sidewalks that are falling apart and on and on... Also, the community the non-profit supports also has needs. So maybe the soup kitchen, the animal shelter, the children's home, or the community at large also has needs. Please I am not trying to be hard on you. I think you are a very sweet and generous person!! I just know what it's like to be on the other side and it's not always fun and to be called cruel, I think, is a little harsh.
  12. LuvToRead


    I don't get the tackiness either. There are a multitude of reasons the checks were post dated. I am wondering if they weren't to be handed until Friday but then someone decided to do it earlier at the party. It would make no sense at all to print the checks again with the current date. Plus, I am betting checks are only written certain days of the week, which may make post dating checks common. (payroll is one reason that comes to mind...the checks are written on a Thursday but not to be dispersed until Friday for example) I agree with the above poster that bonus checks should never be counted on anyway.
  13. I also use cottage cheese. Ricotta is hard to find where I live, although I see it more now. There is something about the texture of ricotta I don't love. I actually drain my cottage cheese then run it through my food processor to make it smooth
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