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  1. I really like their redness relief night cream Night cream but I haven't tried any of their anti aging products. Eucerin and CeraVe are 2 of my favorite brands for my sensitive skin. I may try it. Thanks!!
  2. This is our favorite way! I usually add an onion to the pan.
  3. I would honestly avoid the Lancome ones mentioned above. From what I can tell they all contain fragrance, as well as alcohol denat near the top of the ingredient lists. Fragrance is a major trigger for me, and it could be an issue for you as well. I know Lancome is a good brand and works great for some people. I love their mascara, just not their skin care.
  4. The skin under our eyes is very thin and doesn't produce oil, so keeping this skin extra hydrated helps keep the wrinkles at bay. Or that is what I tell myself! I just use under my eyes, not eye lids.
  5. I use CeraVe from the tub under my eyes. I have sensitive skin and can't use anything with fragrance, and this works well for me.
  6. Thank you! I would love to upgrade my Artisan some day, and it will either be a Bosch or KitchenAid Professional.
  7. How does the Bosch do for whipping cream and egg whites? I am not currently looking to buy one, but I am curious just in case I do need to replace my current KitchenAid.
  8. I have a kitchen aid hand mixer, which I rarely use because I use my stand mixer. I think it would be a better option than an inexpensive stand mixer.
  9. Our dermatologist recommended the Stridex one, particularly after sweating a lot. I wouldn't recommend a cleansing wipe unless he rinses after. They can leave fragrance and even mild cleaners on your skin which can be irritating. And as Negin mentioned, can tug on the skin. There are soap free/fragrance free ones, which I assume are less irritating. I have no experience with them.
  10. I don't think you will be disappointed, but you may feel it isn't worth the extra money. I bought locally from a small appliance store with about 5 dryer options. It was easy to choose the SQ because I didn't want the over the top dryer but I didn't want the low end one either.
  11. I have a Speed Queen and I do like it. I always use Permanent Press otherwise it can get really hot. I think Speed Queen makes a good dryer, but most dryers get the job done, so it's just not so much better than the other dryers like the washer is. In other words, dryers are more equal in performance, while washers have more variety in performance. I does have at time dry cycle.
  12. In the back of my car. I try to keep them all folded up into the largest bag.
  13. is there an area of the yard that gets a better breeze? I would try to move your clothes line to the windiest area you can. Also, I think I would bring the clothes in instead of leaving them out all night. The dew will just get your clothes damp again.
  14. I never followed up, so I am not sure. It stopped after my ablation.
  15. I mentioned it to my Dr and he said it could be endometriosis, but I started seeing another Dr and never mentioned it again.
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