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  1. These aren't Christmas gifts, but DD18s books for this semester. She is still waiting on one, and 2 came about a week after class starting. I was getting very nervous because I thought I was going to have to buy new books from the college bookstore. The one book she is waiting on is for an 8 week class that hasn't started yet.
  2. I really appreciate all the responses. My bags don't stink, although I think I may start cleaning them more. My procedure is I unload my groceries, clean as needed, then put back in my car. So I don't even touch them the 2 or 3 days prior to using them again. I guess in my mind I thought if even Covid germs did get on my bags they were able to die off by the time I used them again. Also, I can't imagine speed being an issue. There are both a cashier and bagger and by the time I pay the bagger is waiting for me. This isn't a case of a cashier also bagging the groceries. I don't
  3. I can guarantee this is not the case. Small town, small store. If there are more than 2 people in line, they open a new register. You know they are busy when they are 3 people in line 😆
  4. This grocery store wiped down the conveyor belt and bagging area regularly pre-covid. Sometimes I bag my own stuff too.
  5. This makes a lot of sense and it's something I have never thought of. This isn't a super busy grocery store and when there is more than 2 people in line, they open a new register. But I can still see how it would be annoying.
  6. I think I may if it happens again. I just remembered - I also carry with me mesh produce bags. I tuck them all in a bigger bag, use what I need, keeping the remainder tucked in a larger bag. He actually used these to put groceries in (they are literally big enough for a pound of apples or head of cabbage. Maybe that is what he was complaining about. I did tell him those were for produce, not groceries, but then he said he had to use them or my bread would have gotten smashed??? Most of the time the person bagging my groceries ignores these, which is fine.
  7. This is how I felt! I felt like I did something offensive. But I purchased my bags from that same store so I thought they had figured out how to deal with them. No turnable, just a flat area to load bags. Most of mine stay open and upright.
  8. I get that! I feel like I have done something wrong, but I don't know what. My bags don't smell and I clean them occasionally.
  9. This is the last thing I need to see!!! I love nice, sturdy grocery bags. So much easier to carry, loads more nicely in my car. I just don't see why anyone would complain. Mine are more like this: https://www.amazon.com/Reusable-Insulated-Grocery-Bag-2-pack/dp/B082RP7YBH/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=zip+top+grocery+bag+insulated&qid=1611265076&sr=8-6 Maybe they are annoying because of the zip top? But not all of my zip. And 2 are the super cheap floppy kind.
  10. I stopped using them for a while. I asked a couple of months back if re-usable ones were allowed again and they said yes. This store sprays down the conveyor belt and bagging area between each transaction and the employees sanitize their hands.
  11. Today while I was checking out at the grocery store, the bagger complained about my re-usable grocery bags. He said they were more trouble than they are worth. On the way out to my car he started complaining again. I told him he was being insulting and he said "I'm not saying you're a bad person" (or something like that) I admit I was thrown off guard. I have never had anyone complain. If it helps, the re-usable grocery bags came from said store. So, do baggers actually hate them? Am I being to sensitive because I took it personally? I am going to continue using them, but I am cu
  12. I just do a 1 to 1 conversion. I know butter has water in it, but a 1 to 1 has always worked out for me.
  13. This is what I was going to suggest. I don't paint my nails, but my girls do. A top coat really makes a difference. My DD18 wants a bottle of the Essie Heart of the Jungle, which I am going to give her as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.
  14. I try to clean a shelf a week and do a full clean out twice a year. But, realistically it's been awhile. You all will be glad to know National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is coming soon!!! It is November 15th. https://nationaltoday.com/national-clean-out-your-fridge-day/ Too bad I have plans that day LOL! (Reading a good book is a plan, right??)
  15. You can dowload apps to a Fire Tablet, but not the dedicated e-readers (the paperweight and Oasis) You can even put Google Play on your Kindle Fire to have even more access to apps. There are directions on line on how to do this. I am not recommending installing Google Play, I just know you can somehow. The Fire and Paperwhites/Oasises are very different, and serve different purposes. I have both and use them regularly. We have had probably 5 or 6 Fire tablets over the years. They are not the best tablets out there, but are decent for the price. After a couple of years, they do ten
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