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  1. Strawberries and whipped cream. Yum!
  2. Have you tried cooking crepes on your griddle you use for pancakes? They may not be super elegant, but I think that should work. I use a small frying pan. Something like this: small frying pan Unless you are planning on making crepes a lot, I think you would get more mileage out of a small frying pan. Sorry I can't be more helpful!
  3. A quarter of a teaspoon???? We don't love spicy but prefer a subtle warmth. I don't measure so I can't say for sure. Sorry I can't be more precise!
  4. The Aleppo I have are flakes and the ancho is a powder. I tend to buy them from spice specialty stores when I have the opportunity. I like Aleppo because it doesn't blow your head off but they are spicier than Jalapenos. They are both milder than cayenne.
  5. I don't measure but I use a combo of paprika, smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper. Sometimes I use Aleppo pepper or ancho chili powder instead of the cayenne. A lot of chili powder has salt, so you may want to check to see if yours does. I use a small pinch of anything spicy, a pinch of salt, and maybe a teaspoon of everything else. We don't like super spicy food, so you may want more than a small pinch of cayenne (or whatever pepper you use).
  6. I don't track expenses either, but if I did I would probably keep the receipts in a folder and write everything in a notebook. I may then transfer everything to excel.
  7. I bought a nutrimill artiste about a year ago and and I ❤️it. I have only made bread in it and it does a wonderful job! I still use my Kitchen Air for everything else.
  8. I am in the lighted and magnified mirror club too! The chin hairs come back the next day! I get (or at least was until early March) my moustache waxed. I am trying to tweeze it right now. My hair dresser just got a laser hair removal set and we had started treatments in February. Hopefully we can get back to it once I can remove my mask in the hair salon. Also, I recommend Tweezerman tweezers.
  9. This is a quote from the article Pen linked: When a caller says, ‘Yes,’ that they can hear the robocall, their reply is recorded and used to authorize fraudulent charges via telephone on the victim’s utility or credit card account, the FCC says.” I am having trouble understanding this? How does the scammer get your utility or credit card info just from calling you? Or do they already have this info before the call is made? How does getting utility information help a scammer? I know these questions sound silly, but I don't get it. I don't buy things via my phone so I don't have m
  10. Now I want pesto! My basil plants still haven't produced quite enough. Maybe in another week.
  11. My DD18 loves garlic and pesto, but she has a garlic intolerance! It's so sad
  12. I love pesto. We just put it on pasta. I use a similar recipe to the one posted above, except I use a mix of basil/baby spinach, no garlic, pecans in place of pine nuts, and I usually add some lemon zest/juice. There are many ways to make pesto! I did make pesto from oregano recently and it did not go over well. Pairing it with tomatoes sounds delicious!
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