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  1. Total Wireless which uses Verizon lines (Verizon is the only cell service where we live). $100/month for 4 lines. Unlimited talk and text and unlimited data which throttles after 100 Gb. We never use the entire 100 gbs.
  2. Vanicream is the only deoderant/anti perspirant dd19 can wear.
  3. Have you called the bank to see if a notary could meet you outside? I am pretty someone at my bank would do this.
  4. This. You can buy a car but may require saving up and paying for it in full.
  5. I just looked up the US versions of the El Paso packets and neither say "paprika and Capsicum" or "tomato and paprika" The article does not state this either so I am unsure of where you came to that conclusion. I believe those are the Australian versions. But either way El Paso isn't lying. The packets, as far as I can tell, do contain those ingredients. Anyway, I think I am overthinking this but I was curious about it! Fajita Seasoning Taco Seasoning
  6. Maybe I am misreading - but I see how the American version of Fajita seasoning and Taco seasoning contain what they claim. The Fajita seasoning ingredients contains "chili pepper" which would be the capsicum and "spice" which could include paprika. The Taco seasoning ingredients includes "spice" which could be paprika and "natural flavor" which I assume could be the tomato. Am I wrong?
  7. I avoid any US manufactured chemical sunscreen because I find they are irritating. There is a Japanese sunscreen I like but I can't think of the name -- Biore Aqua Rich?? I can't remember for sure! I am currently using the CeraVe tinted mineral. I like it but I don't love it, but I have only used it a few times. I do like the La-Roche Posay Anthelioss tinted and the unscented Purito Comfy Water Sunblock - these are both mineral and available on Amazon. I have heard some very positive reviews of the Drmtlgy tinted mineral sunscreen and I think I may try this.
  8. I recently discovered Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer https://www.vanicream.com/product/vanicream-daily-facial-moisturizer and I love it. I have oily, sensitive skin. AM CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer Sunscreen (I can't find one I love. Today I used the CeraVe tinted mineral. I am sensitive to chemical sunscreens) PM Oil cleanser or cleansing balm (currently just using mineral oil but I love the Clinique Take the Day Off) CeraVe Foaming Face Wash Physicians Formula The Essence of Healthy Toner CosRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Spa Overnight Mask - When I run out of this I think I may just use the Vanicream both day and night. I do like CeraVe PM, but I think my skin prefers the Vanicream. I don't use a dedicated eye cream, but in the winter I will use whatever I am using on my body under my eyes. I stick to fragrance free products so it may be Aveeno or Eucerin or even CeraVe from the tub. If my cheeks are extra dry I will also use on them as well.
  9. Bree Wolf writes clean historical romance. I have read of her books and I don't remember anything explicit.
  10. I think sweet romance is another term used for clean romance.
  11. Issue resolved. Thanks for the responses!
  12. I replaced my Nook for a Kindle Paperwhite and I am so glad I did!! I also love my Speed Queen and Instant Pot. I make Quiver's Cinnamon Rolls every Christmas. They are the best!
  13. Another vote for ProClick. I bought a bunch of spines on clearance from My Binding years ago and I'm still using them.
  14. Also I think all the disinfectant spray floating around inside buildings are an allergy trigger to some. My eyes immediately start burning and itching when I walk into certain stores and my church.
  15. Have you considered a Paperwhite? I have been wanting to upgrade to the Oasis but I can't really justify the cost. I loooooove mine! I also use a neck light when I have a physical book I am reading at night. Just remember not to turn towards your DH or you may blind him! I have Snap-On one. It is dimmable, but it is really bright. You may find it too bright if your other light is. https://shop.snapon.com/product/Headlamps/Rechargeable-Hands-Free-Neck-Light-(Green)/ECHDC038G
  16. It's funny because in my state my kids are legally private school students. My state doesn't recognize the label of "homeschooling". I live in a low regulation state so the label doesn't require me to do anything, but you're right...it is good to know.
  17. I have heard these as well, but not directly said to me. I have just seen memes like this floating around. I have had one vaginal delivery and one c-section, so I guess I am only a mother to one of my children. But you aren't a real mother if you only one one child. So I guess by this logic I am not actually a mom? I am still trying to figure out why I keep feeding these 2 young people who live in my home if they aren't my children. 😁
  18. I didn't get that part either. I thought it meant the opposite -- if you have never hired a babysitter to go to the doctor, then you aren't a real homeschooler. I have never hired a babysitting ever so I guess I'm not a real homeschooler? Anyway, it doesn't bother me when people refer to themselves as homeschoolers who aren't technically homeschoolers, but in reality if you are home doing school then I guess the label does somewhat fit. I do personally see a distinction but I am not going to fuss about it. I have lots of friends struggling with virtual public school and it seems like a nightmare to me.
  19. Most moisturizers have preservatives in them so using your fingers is no big deal. It is only an issue if you are using a homemade moisturizer or one that doesn't have any preservatives. Plus I am assuming your hands were clean.
  20. I am confused about what the lie is. Plan are plans. It doesn't matter what they are. If I have plans to lay around the house all day and read and someone calls and asks if I'm busy, it's not a lie to say "I already have plans". It's absolutely true.
  21. Hopefully the fast food place has a good manager willing to step in. I am not sure who would step in to defend a 14 year old on the ball field.
  22. I agree with everyone else. My oldest started working at 15, and my youngest started volunteering at the same place at 14. (I would have gotten her a work permit at 15, but that was last spring so there was no work available) Both my girls want to work (we didn't even encourage them to get the jobs they have, the manager was given my oldest daughter's name as a good candidate) and they are allowed to spend how they see fit. We pay for everything except those frivolous Ulta purchases LOL. Not only would I never force at 14 year old child to work in an abusive situation, I would step in and encourage them to quit.
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