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Somebody slap me upside the head...

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and please tell me to chill out! My daughter's brain shut off during school and she suddenly was incapable of counting 5 spaces ahead on a number chart. My son can't remember any letter names AND their sounds at the same time with any consistency, even though we've been working on "I" and "U" for 2 1/2 weeks now, he still doesn't know them. My younger son ripped up his sister's paper this morning, ate his brother's foam earth ball the other day (bit 1" side pieces off and spit them on the floor during naptime until only the "core" was left) and usually is screaming at me during school work, although today he didn't.


I love teaching. In theory. But the reality is just stressful sometimes.:banghead:

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Some days are just hard, and you need to have them run around outside and get some ice cream, or something.


:iagree: and this is for you: ETA: See attached images below - it was the only way I could get it on here.




Now, go get a starbucks and enjoy the afternoon.:D


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I've had a similar morning. Mother is not spelled mothr or morth. We cannot look at the first letter of words and guess (house is very different from horse). And "don't interrupt your brother's/sister's lesson" really means, "DON'T INTERRUPT YOUR BROTHER'S/SISTER'S LESSON!!!".:glare:


My 5yo dumped crackers in the floor of the pantry while I was engrossed in the mother/mothr/morth saga, and my 4yo is still in his jammies.


Time for lunch, coffee, and quiet time!:chillpill:

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Sometimes those days start even before school is in session! I am trying to get school started by LUNCH, but they don't listen... Right now they are doing math while I lurk here! :)


As I write this, my place values chart just fell off the wall. :glare:


Maybe we all just need to go to bed!

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