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  1. Saying hello to all the people still active on this board, that I used to practically live on. My kids are 17 and almost 16. EGADS!! Still homeschooling, though!! Dare I slink back?
  2. I will have a 10th and 11th grader. I still combine them on most things. Math: Geometry and then Alg 2.... AoPS, Thinkwell and TT. I also have CTC for extra practice. I can't stick to one curriculum. :tongue_smilie: English: Whatever we continue to do. I will figure out what to call it later. Science: No clue. History: U.S. and History of Italy. Using open courses and Teaching Company. Also a book a US History prof I am friends with gave me as the standard text he used for his first and second year undergrad classes. Language: Italian, likely with Landry Academy So, as you can tell, I am not really thinking about this yet, lol :smilielol5:
  3. Is Christine from Core Foundations still here? I would love an editable copy of her one L.A. Syllabus/schedule it is really close to what I need and with minimal tweaking could be my answer. The copy I have is in a non-editable pdf and I can't figure out where I got it, and I don't want to comment on her blog.
  4. LISA!!!! I mostly hang our on FB, but sometimes a different format and group to recieve input from are needed. If you ever go over there, I have 2 concert things up on my page, from a legit choir I am a part of. Also, my old band stuff. :) Thanks so far everyone! I think you can just send me something in a PM by using that little envelope at the top of my page. Sometimes, just seeing new things can get my brain working!
  5. I've been away a long time. Hello! :D Anyway, as usual, I am having difficulty actually implementing any of my devious plans.... so I come back here for help. I am hoping that some of you who actually prepare schedules for your high schoolers could indulge me. If you have an editable copy a few sample pages, that would be awesome. If you write them out, could you take a photo and let me look at them? Email me, message me, I don't care. I just want to have as many examples of how other people do their schedules as possible, and maybe one of them will help me do this. I have never been able to do this, but I am reaching a point where I am ready to give up my own slacktastic ways.... I would adore a few pages of a well filled out schedule that I could just open and type my own stuff into, after seeing how it is used. I know all about Donna Young, and have tried almost everything, so I do understand the problem is me, and that I am a raging perfectionist. My kids are not ready to do their own scheduling, and they are not independent in that way. They need one solid year of me having my own act together before I can expect them to be able to do it themselves. There is one great schedule someone made from here, but I can't figure out how to do her blank schedule version, and the one I would like to tweak is not editable. It was a 2009-2010 L.A> schedule using MCT and was really close to what I would like to do. Thanks!!!
  6. Asperger's doesn't mean they can't have eye contact or be happy or have empathy. I think you are getting confused with a more severe case of autism. I am not sure of what books might be helpful to you. Good luck! He is lucky to have someone who cares about him.
  7. Well, considering how saturated the HS world is with H$lda's freakouts, etc., not to mention the offensive assumption that they speak for all homeschoolers (not a quote, but that is how they present themselves), I can see where it might be hard to contain a certain level of vitriol when writing about them. I wish that some groups would not keep proving my negative gut reactions to them totally valid.
  8. My cousin always walked on her tip-toes and she still does at 30. I hear that it is a neurological issue/symptom, and if she doesn't have asberger's she definitely has some sort of neuro. condition. Take everyone's advice and find another doc!
  9. I do not seem to care for this band, but this video encapulates all that I think is wrong with music now. Except that this is making fun of it, so I guess that's something. Beards, earnestness, pretensions, banjos, pianos.
  10. SInce I used to be in an indie band, and my husband is a musician, I have seen more shows than your average person, and know more music that no one has heard of. However, I don't keep up with newer music of my "preferred" genre, as it is all too whiney and has too many beards. My friend owns 2 music venues and runs a festival and I still only go to like 3 shows a year right now. Sometimes when I hear new music it pisses me off as it is derivative of other stuff, and I can't tell if it is in homage or if they are dumbasses. I also really dislike the singing style of a lot of bans, and their earnestness. I don't know, everyone takes themselves too seriously or something. A real turn off. Lately I have noticed that I am listening to stuff I listened to in middle school and high school. It's bizarre. Things I haven't listen to in 20+ years.
  11. as a rule of thumb, never use the forms they ask you to. They always want more info than the regs. Not because they are malicious, but because that is the info they like to have. It's ridiculous.
  12. Well, the venue will likely drop in cost dramatically after we get going. Once we get our "relationship" going, and they see we're not a bunch of spazzes, or spazzes that won't break their building, they will be dropping the price. I have a flat cost for 1st session, and a proposed cost with max. for second session. I am a bit irritated by the lack of high school age kids in this group though. Why do so many people chicken out for high school?
  13. Thanks guys. I have it pretty simple in one way. I'm the boss, period. Also, it is only 2 class periods, with an hour of lunch and the first half of the day is all science. Biology Labs for ages 12+ and general science topics in clumped for the 8-11. I haven't decided WTH to do with the five 6-7 year olds. I already have teachers for these, so half the work is complete. We are dividing up the other half of the day into monthly subjects. Those classes will be age or interest based. It is also going to be held at a nature center and not only will the naturalists be available to us for free (teaching 3 classes per session, too. 3 more days I don't have to mess with) and when something gets mucked up, we can just go for a hike on the trails into the forest. I have 10-12 families so far. It needs to be full though or I will be paying the $$ difference which is not very cool. Not cool at all. I was supposed to finish a bunch of stuff for it today, but I ended up farting around.
  14. I did put "Don't be a jerk, be an adult." and "Wear appropriate attire. Costumes and capes are perfectly fine as long as you don't mind them getting dirty or damaged as we have many opportunities to go outside." into our policies. :smilielol5: I want to change jerk to douchecanoe. It is far more vivid.
  15. Well, it can't have more than 30 kids, so that might help it not be so crazy. Or maybe it will make it worse, I really don't know until it it running. So far, I like everyone that I know and I am hoping that the ones I don't know aren't total douchecanoes! And thanks about hoping my year gets better. It won't, but I am learning to cope with it a bit.
  16. Well, I hope so, but who knows. I am on the hook for the rental, that's for sure. It BETTER work, lol.
  17. I don't know why I do this to myself. In town there is a HS "school" that sucks up all the people who would normally go to, or start a secular co-op. I am not interested in them, and am sick and tired of trying to morph or adapt to something else. So here I am, deciding that yes, if I want to do something I need to do it myself, starting my own frakking co-op. WHAT HAVE I DONE?! what a pain. It'll pay off in the end right? BTW, has anyone missed me? I have had a really horrid year. It is best that I wasn't hanging out here too much. Trust me. I think I might just start posting obscure 80's music videos.
  18. There are 2 yahoo groups that have diverse files sections. homeschool2college and hs2coll They give very good examples of different class descriptions as well, as those are needed too, not just a transcript (unless you call that a transcript, as well) Good luck!
  19. Other than MCT, Tove Jansson's Moomintroll books have wonderfully rich vocabulary.
  20. Not that any of you care what I think, but here is why more regulation fails.... How can you regulate something that is inherently, non-regulateable? Each family has the right to HS how they choose, as long as they follow their state's laws. Each family chooses their style, curriculum, course of study, etc. You can't teach EVERYTHING for cripe's sake, you have to make decisions... I choose to leave out some stuff, and emphasize others I think are important. If I have a very science heavy house, we will focus on science..... if we are an arty house, then that will be a focus.... regulation will only make create more of a mess, IMHO. We are a minority in this country. I think they focus should be on other things that are more important than a handful of people who don't do as good a job as you think you are doing. You don't live in their house, you don't know what their kids do or don't know or do. I think unschooling is very hard to do well. That's why I don't do it. I have a different philosophy about education... but that is neither here or there. I don't judge other people's styles or reasons for homeschooling as I know that that gives someone else the right to judge my choices. I bet there are HSers who think the way I choose to do things is wrong. I bite my tongue when I have to defend people I think are doing a crappy job, but I do it, as it is what I would expect from someone else. Ugh, I have to stop babbling... I am finishing off this cocktail and doubt I will ever make a coherent point.
  21. I have signed up for every interesting free online class possible, and rarely get a chance to watch them. Still trying to get through the Genetics & Evolution class w/ Prof. Noor, but he's in the part that makes my brain say "GAHH!" I THINK all the time. If I could DO anything I think of, that would be awesome.
  22. I also don't care if someone uses dope, alcohol, smokes, eats cheetos, bathes in camel spit, worships a lemon, is afraid of bacon, likes to dance in the street, etc. I do, however, think that people who crack their knuckles are disgusting and they obviously don't know that that can cause them to have arthritis, so in order to save them from themselves I would like to start a petition to ban excessive knuckle cracking in public places. :rolleyes:
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