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Canners - What would you do with this fruit jam?

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Kids & I made a lot of jam last year & we haven't eaten through it all yet.


So I've got some jars in the pantry which are on the 1 year anniversary.


They were sealed in regular mason jars with metal lids, using a hot water bath (none of that "invert on the counter" shortcut for me :)) & the seals are still fine.


Should I try to use it all up now, fast? (I was thinking of maybe making lots of jam squares and freezing them.)


Should I just freeze the jars of jam? Would that buy me more time in which to use it up?


Should I just leave them in the pantry & eat them in the course of the next few months?


Should I throw them out? :blink:


What says the cumulative canning experience of the hive?

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Great! Thanks everyone!


Dh is my big jam eater & he keeps forgetting that we now have a pantry. If it's not in the cupboard or the fridge, he doesn't know we have it. :D


Plus that was the summer of a bumper crop of plums from my neighbour's tree. This year - hardly any plums at all :-(


That plum jam is SO heavenly; I'm glad I can keep eating :)

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