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I'm SO excited!!

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I decided today to take my kids and go visit my brother and his family in Oregon. We'll be flying out in October. It's only a long weekend (in late Friday, out 6:00 am Monday) but I haven't seen my brother and his wife since 2001 when his eldest daughter was just an infant. He now has 4 kids and my girls are excited to meet their cousins!


I think I'd like to take them some small gifts, but I'm not sure what to take. Their ages:


Girl (10)

Boy (7 but turning 8 a couple of days after we leave)

Girl 5?

Boy 3?


I know, it's bad I don't even know all their ages, but those are pretty close.


What should I take? Keeping in mind that I have to fly these things across the country, of course..



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Here are a few suggestions:


Girl (10) $10-15 Target gift card in a cute little handbag or coin purse


Boy (7/8) Small lego kit — ask your brother what your nephew's favorite lego "themes" are, and buy it somewhere like Toys R Us, so you'll have a gift receipt in case it turns out to be a duplicate.


Girl 5? A little craft kit, like those weaving kits with the stretchy loops you can make potholders with. Kids love using them to make presents for relatives, and what gramma can resist a red and purple potholder hand-made by a 5 yo??? :D


Boy 3? Pop-up books or a bunch of matchbox cars or a couple of those Toobs of plastic animals (dinosaurs, farm animals, sea life, etc)


They're all fairly small and/or lightweight, and reasonably inexpensive.



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