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other free meal plans like Dinner Rush?

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If only my kids would eat kalamta olives and grilled egglplant.
Mine do, but I hear you. The winter meal are more standard fare, but there are still some extravagant ingredients here and there which was why I asked about other sites that are free. I can't afford kalamta olives as often as they've been serving them.
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You could make your own. It's not rocket science. Just write down every meal you make for a month. Try new things. Toss the recipes you hate. Keep the ones your family loves. It doesn't even take much time. If you write it all down, all you have to do is look back through it to come up with your weekly meals, and they'll actually be food your family likes. I have a binder full of meals. It doesn't get "old" if you are open to adding something new every now and then. You can plan by what's in season and what's on sale yourself.


The thing about every one of those meal plan thingys is that they're 80% recipes you wouldn't choose to make anyway. It's a waste of money when you know that a) you won't be able to get or don't like certain ingredients, so you have to scrap those recipes, b) it involves more shopping than you'd bargained for, or c) the recipes get stale or aren't nearly as appealing as you'd hoped.

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