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TeenPact for a 1/2 government credit?

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I have a friend that is using TeenPact for the 1/2 government credit on her son's transcript. I'm not asking because I'm doubting her decision but, rather, I'm wondering if it would be considered sufficient for my son. Does TeenPact cover the same content as a basic government course? Or should we really do a separate government course? And, how would you count teenpact on a transcript?



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If I remember correctly, the NC teenpact (and I assume all the others are the same) said we could count it for 1/3 credit of "State Government" .


I think TeenPact makes a great extracurricular or part of a government credit but not a stand-alone credit (or half credit). For three reasons: first there are too few hours to count as a 1/2 credit, second, TeenPact deals almost exclusively with state government and, third, TP usually covers the legislative process with little to no instruction on the judicial and executive branches. You could supplement with additional reading to round out the class (covering for example historical underpinnings of our government, the political process, landmark cases and statutes, the other branches.)




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The week alone, no, but have you seen the homework you have to do BEFORE going??? I would count it as 1/2 credit easily...but I would go over the book with them as an aloud and have discussions on it...partnering it with a good book on the forming of the Constitution would be great as well....My son had to cancel his reservation b/c he had a long healing from a tonsillectomy (had complications) and he spent a good 3 weeks working on his homework ahead of time...easily they can put 80 hours into it.



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TP's official comments on the matter is that the state class is worth 1/3 carnegie unit (120-160 hours) with the homework.

It's easily worth a 1/2 credit if you add in a book/report or campaigning. Agreeing with Lisa in Fl that it doesn't cover some key aspects of gov. that you'll probably want your kiddo to know:001_smile:

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