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  1. I hadn't considered that the deadline might be imposed by the Guidance Department... I'm not at all familiar with the process of doing this for a non-homeschooled student.
  2. I'm helping a young friend with the college process as her family is basically dysfunctional and can't/won't help at all. She said apps have to be in before Thanksgiving -- I thought I remembered that as desirable, but not necessary... Anyone here certain about it? (FYI, we're talking state schools, not Ivies!) TIA!
  3. It may depend on whether they are on the quarter or semester system. Both mine are at colleges on the semester system, and a 3 credit class is generally 50 minutes, three times per week. Similarly, my son's 4 credit calculus class was four days a week for 50 minutes.
  4. One week from tomorrow, my youngest starts college. Two days later, her older brother goes back to his school... Me? Dunno yet. Waiting on God to show me what He has next for me. But I can say this: While I have regrets about things I may or may not have done while homeschooling, I am so grateful for the opportunity to have schooled both from K-12. (I'm also grateful to be done!)
  5. You might want to check into University of Montana Western http://www.umwestern.edu/ Hmm... the link is acting a little funky, but hopefully if it doesn't work you can paste it into your browser... Blessings, Debbie
  6. is Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA. It's just a bit north of Pittsburgh. My daughter will be starting there in August. Blessings, Debbie
  7. I'm glad to hear that everything is working out so well for your son! Debbie
  8. Since my daughter's scholarship leaves quite a gap between it and her costs, and I don't want her to have debts, I'm going to find some kind of a job. Not sure what, given that I have no work history for 20 years. I'm thinking I'll start with a temp agency, so I can get some work history and references. I agree totally with your characterization -- exhilarating with poignant overtones. I'm thrilled to be moving on to a new phase of my life, but I'm also getting weepy at the drop of a hat, especially this week! Amen to sticking through tough puberty years!!!! Debbie
  9. A shout out to all long-term homeschoolers who are graduating their youngest... I only have two, and the youngest skipped a grade, so I'm finished after (only!) fourteen years. (And just starting this thread is getting the waterworks going!) What's up next for everyone? Debbie
  10. My 17 year old daughter finishes school this Friday, and we'll have a small graduation dinner for her on June 2. She's been homeschooled all the way through except for a few months in a private school in 7th grade. She's taken a few online courses, one community college course, and a few courses with a local homeschool co-op, but she's generally taken at least half her classes at home with me. She is attending a small, private, Christian college this fall with a very good merit scholarship. Blessings to you beginners. Hang in there. It somehow goes by very fast and very slow at the same time, but you won't regret having given your all for your kids. Debbie
  11. That's what I was trying to say... He should have a couple of questions to ask if he is given the opportunity, but we couldn't come up with any good ones, so that's why I suggested the google search. It helped us.
  12. Nan, First, trust him that he does in fact have everything under control, and don't undermine his confidence by be too (visibly!) anxious. But of course that doesn't mean you can't give advice! What to bring: A folio (I think that's what it's called -- like a nice leather folder, available @walmart for $10) so that he can make any notes needed, and carry a copy of his transcript and any items that show why he is an excellent candidate. To prepare: 1) Have him spend some time looking around the school's website, not just the admissions standards, but the purpose or mission statements and even the history of the school. Being able to sprinkle his answers with references to important fact can help him stand out. It's especially good to be able to refer to the mission/purpose statement of the school when asked the "Why do you want to go here?" or "How do you think you fit in here?" type of questions. 2) Have him come up with some intelligent questions in advance -- this can be hard to do, but google the phrase questions to ask an interviewer or questions to ask college interview. You may come up with lists of questions to ask in a job interview, but they would probably help him think of some for the school, also. Hope this makes sense... working quickly. Best of luck to him! Debbie
  13. Frankly, I couldn't care less about Hillsdale... but Rebecca, you are getting ridiculous. "Met her approval in *every* respect?" Really? I gather that, having failed in your attempt to characterize Lyn as a troll, you are now trying to convey that she is impossible to please and has unrealistic expectations... Fine. Let it rest, already.
  14. Agree, and wish people wouldn't be so quick to accuse 'troll.' Some people do a lot more reading than posting, just as IRL some are more listeners than talkers. Full Disclosure: Years ago (old board, different username) I was deeply hurt by the 'troll' accusation the one and only time I posted seeking help for a sensitive issue with one of my children. So frankly, I admit to getting angry when I see the accusation, especially when it's as ludicrous as this one.
  15. Creekland's ds - U of Rochester - attending fall 2016, U of Alabama, Baylor, Furman, U of Pittsburgh (all acceptances) Grace is Sufficient's ds - University of Akron, Class of 2015; also accepted: Baldwin Wallace College, Geneva College, Eastern Michigan University, Northern Kentucky University Grace is Sufficient's dd - Geneva College, Class of 2016; also accepted: Waynesburg University JennW in SoCal's ds - College of Wooster, class of 2016; also accepted Willamette University
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