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Pictures of my son's Cowboy Room.

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Cute, good job. I once saw a room that used rope (like a cowboy lariet) over a chair rail instead of a wallpaper border. I think they hot glued it on. Might make good curtain pulls?


And you could look at Walmart for those plastic sticky glowey star things to put on his ceiling so he feels he's sleeping out on the open range.


If you were close I'd lend you an old saddle for him to sit on!

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Great ideas, Remudamom. He would LOVE a saddle. LOL. He's having to be content with his stick horse right now. I had stars up on his walls in shapes of constellations but all that came down when we needed to paint. I imagine we'll get some of that back up as money allows. I need to head over to the Western store (we don't live in Bakersfield for nothin') as I'm sure they have a ton of great stuff. ;-)

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Looks great! My son has the same material for his curtains, only in blue. I never did get around to hemming them...more rustic that way, lol. His wall decorations include an arrow, some bolo ties that belonged to his great-grandpa, a wagon wheel (garden decoration $10 @ Big Lots) with a cowboy hat hanging on it, and misc. other stuff we had hanging around. We put up a horse wallpaper border about chair rail height. We only spent about $100 total on his room also.

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