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Need read-aloud suggestions-Birds


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We are doing a unit on birds. I like to do a read-aloud on the topic we are studying about...usually it's a magic tree house book but I don't see one about birds. We already read Mr. Poppers Penguins.


Can you think of any Bird (any type of bird..eagles, owls, etc) type of chapter books?


If you have any bird activities or other books that you liked, can you share them here?




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We liked The Burgess Bird Book for Children, which it looks like you can even see here for free.



I'll third this suggestion - we did it as a read-aloud and loved it. It has storyline, but also includes all kinds of information about bird habits, plumage, nesting, etc.


We got an edition out of the library that was hardcover and larger with color illustrations - this was extra-nice; most of the versions I've seen have been smaller paperbacks.

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This isn't a chapter book, but we just did birds and read The Boy Who Drew Birds (a picture book about John James Audubon). It was a good story, but I would have to say my kids were disappointed in the ending... they wanted to know more so we may try and find a biography to give them a bit more!

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Flute's Journey, by Lynn Cherry, is a charming picture book about a migrating wood thrush.


There are several picture books about Pale Male, the red-tailed hawk that lives in New York City.


The Snow Goose, Paul Gallico might be too mature for your dc).


Bird Watch, Jane Yolen.


Winged Migration is an amazing movie.

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