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Anyone watching The Sing-Off?

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The Beelzebubs was founded in 1962. You know, "the good old days?" ;) Their original name was "Jumbo's Disciples: The Beelzebubs" but it was apparently shortened to "The Beelzebubs" or just "The Bubs" in later years.


I really don't care what the name is--- they are one talented group of kids! And that guy who sang the lead in the Styx song last night is ADORABLE! Curly brown hair, blue eyes, pink cheeks and dimples! SO cute! :001_smile:


I totally agree about Maxx Factor. Now THAT'S a name I can't stand! I was sure they'd be voted off on Monday night, then doubly sure they'd go home last night. I liked that group that left last night, but was rather tired of them saying, "We proved women groups can sing, too!" Huh? Who said they couldn't? :001_huh:



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Yeah, it really doesn't offend me and we joke about it. (But wait, what does "the good old days" have to do with it? It was another term for Satan or a demon way before the 60's. LOL!)


You know, "the good old days," that romanticized time when everyone was good and pure, by golly, and men wore suits and girls wore skirts and college kids did fun things like sing together rather than go to rave parties and fornicate.


I"m being facetious.



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