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weird pregnancy question?

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Anyone experience this?


Being COLD all of the time during pregnancy regardless of the actual temperature in the room?


Sometimes it is so extreme that I have to don multiple layers of clothing and get under a blanket.


Doc does not seem concerned - says it's hormones - but I have never experienced this with the others.





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I get that way when I have been pregnant with boys. It's never happened with my girls.. not really sure why that is. :confused: Have you had your iron levels checked? Pregnancy can take its toll on your iron stores and low iron can cause you to feel cold all the time. Hope you warm up soon.

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for thyroid and iron levels. Everything is fine. I am super healthy and have had both boys and girls and never felt like this. I am also still extraordinarily tired and hungry/nauseous all of the time even though I am in my 2nd trimester. This pregnancy is kicking my back side!

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