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Switching classical to ecclesiastical????


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I spent a lot of time deciding that we would use classical pronunciation when we started Lively Latin. My son has done wonderfully learning Latin on his own with this program.


I think that the Latin Road to English Grammar will be the next step for us......it is ecclesiastical.


We are on chapter 3 of LL 2.......would you recommend switching pronunciation now or just waiting and letting him handle the switch later?


Any of you went through this?



Anyone use The Bridge? I am wondering if this would be better that LL for my younger two. I own LL 1 & 2.....




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Could you make the switch but just continue to use classical pronunciation? I've heard it really doesn't matter how you pronounce Latin.


I was wondering the same thing. If I was in that situation I'd probably switch the program and keep the pronunciation.

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We've switched from LFC (classical) to First Form (eccles). We just reviewed the differences in the beginning. Now dd10 knows both and it's not a big deal to me which she uses. I had originally thought we would stick with classical pronunciation but once we switched I realized it didn't really matter.

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