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  1. Which career assessment test have you found most helpful? I'm interested in using it for my 11th grade son. Thanks.
  2. Thank you so much. I looked it up and it seemed to be by grade. What is the name of the workbook? Your daughter was able to work independently?
  3. Hi there, OhElizabeth! So nice to hear your voice! (Lol) I hope you are doing well. Could you tell me what Abeka grammar is like to use? What grades have you used?
  4. I did not realize Shurley even had an 8th level until this year. Just curious if anyone has tried it...
  5. Your thoughts seem to line up with mine on this. My two boys are very different. One is very academic, making A's on everything and loves school. The other is not as much. He pretty much hates grammar and likes to work independently. I considered Easy Grammar for them, but it just doesn't seem as thorough as Shurley. The fact that they haven't had intensive grammar study in a bit makes me wonder if (for the sake of the bright, but more non-academic one) I should do Shurley 6...then, they would be at a stronger place before tackling Shurley 7. I never knew until this year that they have a Shurley 8...do you know anyone who has used that
  6. Trying to figure out what level of Shurley to use for my boys that are in 7th grade this year. We had more of a grammar in context of writing type year last year. The year before that we used the 4th level. Yet, when I talked to the company, they said do 7th this year. I am hesitating for some reason...wondering if a solid year of 6 would be better and do 7th next year? What do you think? Which level would you do?
  7. Did they find the instruction to be adequate? I ordered the Apologia instructional DVD before we made the decision to take the Virtual Homeschool Group class. Now, I am wondering if I should return the DVD. I sure could use that extra $100! Any thoughts? Thanks! Becky
  8. I have not had personal experience with what you are dealing with. However, I have been reading a lot about Celiac Disease. I have seen loss of hair like you mention as a symptom. It would be worth checking out because it is an auto immune issue. So, when a person with Celiac eats wheat...even a small amount it causes physical damage to their intestines....all sorts of issues. Some do not present with GI symptoms, but can even be asymptomatic. Just food for thought. Blessings, Becky
  9. Hi there. I homeschool 6 dc and so I know all about the busyness of days with a large family. I wish you all the best in your homeschooling journey. It is a challenge, but well worth it. Yes, dependence on the Lord is of paramount importance. I think you are wise to look at doing history and science as a group. A couple of years ago, I tried using BJU for about 3 classes each for five of them. I was hoping it would shorten my teaching day. I will say that I think their materials are excellent. The classes for the most part are interesting and engaging. The thing that I found frustrating was the amount of work to be graded. Also, it was just a lot to oversee. I spent the summer before we started getting everything organized...binders galore! I am not naturally an organizer, so staying on top of it all was a bit overwhelming to me. It just didn't work the way I pictured it, I guess. Because my dc weren't used to BJU curriculum, there was a lot of time spent re-teaching things they weren't firm in...again, I found this frustrating. Also, their school day was very long compared to what they were used to because all of a sudden they had to watch a class *plus* do the work associated with it. The video length times that BJU lists aren't really accurate because they tell you to pause during the class to do some of the work and then play it again when you are finished. So, it takes longer to do the actual class. In addition, each teacher has different expectations and requirements just as if you were in a school. Unfortunately the math was only a good fit for one of my dc. My mathy one did the best with it. But if BJU is what yours were using at school, that may not be an issue for you. The following year, I ended up using their science and reading classes as I felt those classes worked the best for us. I so do not mean to discourage you. I am just trying to share my personal experience with BJU DVDs. Just because I walked away feeling the way I did does not mean that is what will happen in your family. You would just have to be prepared to really stay on top of all the grading...and know that you will need to do some teaching yourself like you have with your 5th grader. Know ahead of time that *your* school day will be rather long just overseeing it all, etc. DVDs have their place with homeschooling, no doubt. But, they can never replace the teacher completely because the student can't ask that DVD teacher anything. They can be helpful with presenting the information to begin with, though. For our family, I ended up coming to the conclusion that it wasn't a great fit for a large family....but that may be just for *this* large family. I will pray for you about it all. I know how much time and effort I put into trying to figure it out...looking at samples, talking to people on these boards, talking to the BJU rep..I feel your pain so to speak. I know the Lord will lead and guide you in your decision. (Proverbs 3:5,6) Blessings, Becky
  10. Well, these are encouraging responses. I want our focus to be on writing, but somehow it always ends up being grammar because of how long it takes to do it. Then we don't end up doing as much writing as I would like. (I have this big time tendency to pick teacher intensive curriculum...WHEN will I learn??? There is one of me and six of them!) All that to say that I would love to use something shorter for grammar IF it would be effective. I am sick of grammar alone taking 30-45 mins a day times three! (2 hrs 15 mins or so) We use IEW's writing program, so maybe FIX IT combined with that would be enough? Any other thoughts?
  11. Just wondering how you implemented it. Is it open and go? Did you find that your student retained the learning due to it being in the context of writing? That is the part I am especially wondering about. But, if it's not open and go, it won't work for us. Also, how long did it take to teach each day? Did you do it everyday? Thanks so much, Becky
  12. Thank you, OhElizabeth for your thoughts. I'm just not sure about it. My ds did like the lectures, but I'm not sure how he would do with the reading. Also, I'm not clear on how it is all pulled together. Do they read a certain number of pages before the next lecture? Do they write about the topics with a clear assignment from him? It is very expensive; so, that may be a problem as well. I'm looking for an easy way to get history done at a 9th grade level...and it would be nice if it could be independent. That is the appealing thing about it to me. I am always on the lookout for quality ways to get the job done and shorten my teaching day at the same time, so that I can have balance in my life...time to cook, etc. I wish someone who has used it would comment...anyone????
  13. I am beginning to wonder if anyone is actually using this course...I've posted on K-8, Logic, & High School and not much response... Anyone????
  14. Looks like we are all in the same boat...waiting for someone who is actually using it to comment. Anyone out there????? (LOL)
  15. I'm so surprised...I thought a lot of people would be using this. Anyone?
  16. If you decided to use this course, I would love to know how it is going. What do you consider the pros and cons to be? Also, is there a two week trial available? I thought I saw that on the website, but it wouldn't allow me to register for some reason. Thanks, Becky
  17. I saw it on their website, but it wouldn't let me register for some reason. Thanks, Becky
  18. Is Bruce Etter able to successfully pull together the rather scholarly reading during the class times? What are the pros and cons of this course? How does it work? Is it a class that works best only for the hightly motivated? Or avid reader? Thanks ahead of time, Becky
  19. I have a friend who is interested in K12. I know zero about it. Could someone give me sort of a summary of what it's about? I have the impression that you are considered a student in public school if you use it. Is that right? My friend just pulled her child from school and is trying to make decisions that work for their family. She works full time so she is having a hard time figuring out what to do with her situation. I appreciate any advice about K12. Blessings, Becky
  20. I could use Ms. Frizzle right about now! I bet she would have some great ideas!!!! Mtn Teaching, what size did it turn out to be and what does the base it is built on look like? Thanks so much for your thoughts. It sounds like a definite possiblity!!!
  21. Mtn Teaching, I think I want that kit!!!! Is it hard to do? Also, how long does it take to make it? Does it have a lot of fumes associated with the glue? I like that idea because I've never done paper mache so I'm a little intimidated by that! If the kit is too fumy, I will need to look for other options. If that happens, I am sure I will be back with questions! Thanks so much for all the ideas. If anyone has anymore, I'd love to hear about it!
  22. I am thinking of using modeling clay. Then, I would brush on craft glue and stick mossy looking stuff to it. Does anyone have a better idea? I am open to suggestions for sure! Thanks!
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