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"Mooommm...What can I eat?"

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I am.so.sick.of this question.


They ask ALL the time. Even if I told them 10 minutes prior..there is yoghurt, and apples and cheese. It is like they think Im holding out on them.


How do you handle snacks? Do you make them for your kids, have a set time? Do you let your kids graze? Obviously Ive been letting mine graze, and it is not working for me. They tend to not eat their meals...probably because they know there will be other things to eat. Im tired of my 7yo never wanting to eat what I cook.


One idea Im having is giving the kids little bins in the fridge with their snacks for the day, if they choose to eat them all in one sitting then they can deal with that.

They are all very healthy children, no one is overweight, they are active and tall for their ages. My 9yo is up to my chin and Im 5'9". I swear he was at my shoulder a month ago. :glare:


Any ideas?? :bigear:

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My children know they can eat snacks that are good for them as long as it is before 3 pm. We typically don't have a problem here. You can eat the good stuff (you choose from what is available) if it is before 3 pm. Permission to eat snacks after 3 pm generally requires a good reason, i.e. we were out at an activity and just got home. And no, since my kids are 8 & 11, I am not interested in fixing any snacks (unless sick or birthday). If the snack requires my assistance, they can't have it.


No one ever seems to want a snack in the morning.

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We have a snack shelf in the fridge and a snack basket in the pantry. Stuff in the fridge is fair game whenever they want it and includes yogurt, string cheese, fruit and veggies. They have to ask fr stuff in the pantry and I generally say no if it is within (before or after) an hour of mealtime or bedtime and they haven't been exercising vigorously. It is stuff like granola bars, crackers, dried fruit and fruit leathers.

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I cut up a bunch of veggies and put them on a plate each morning. The kids can eat as much of that as they wish and they can drink water. If they want a fruit, they need to ask.


Every now and then I'll mix that up by offering a few almonds, PB & celery, etc. but mostly it's just the veggie plate.


Some veggies that my children like raw...




pea pods



radishes (all kinds)





blanched green or wax beans



green onions

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