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MEP: Do you buy it or print it free from the website? and


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I've printed out the first 30 lessons, worksheets, their copymasters and posters so far. Once we finish, I'll then print out the next 30.


I'm using it along side Rightstart and CTC's Mathematical Reasoning 1. I do think it's a great program so far. I'm only using so many diff. maths right now to try and get an idea for what's going to work best for ds1 and I.

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I print it.


We use it as an adjunct to Singapore. I don't do all the lesson plan activities, but pick and choose my favorites. I only wish I had more time. MEP is brilliant!




I agree that MEP is brilliant. Not only brilliant, but fun! My 6 year old calls it crayon math; I call it puzzle math.


My dd tends to think outside the box and MEP has encouraged and enabled her to do so, all while learning about patterns and numbers.


Oh - I had it printed and bound at Staples.

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Print it out. I might go the Staples route next year for the TM. I wouldn't bind the workbooks; I 3 hole punch and use a fat binder. We use graph paper as our student note book and then insert along with the workbook page. Sometimes, I do a little extra teaching on a certain topic so those papers get inserted as well.


MEP is a hit with all three Peachlets . . . my 6 year old loves playing with the rods, thinking like a "big girl" due to the early introduction of greater than/less than signs.


Both boys (mid year 4 and just starting year 3) absolutely love MEP. There is no groaning or moaning when it comes to math. We don't do any other math; MEP is it for us.


I print out everything and use the TM daily. If you get stuck, there's a great yahoo MEP group.


Warmly, Tricia

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