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If you begin PLL in 2nd....


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Hey Marsha. It is my belief that a first grader does not need to do formal grammar at all. A first grader should be working on reading as fluently as possible before moving on to grammar. Copywork should be enough when they are ready to write short sentences. Point out that the sentence starts with a capital letter and the sentence ends with a punctuation mark like a period or question mark. Done. Wanna teach about nouns? Play a "noun hunt" game. Have dc look for nouns around the house and see how many they can find. Or, give them post-it notes with the word "NOUN" on it and have them stick it to something that is a noun. Play verb games like having them act out action words like run, jump, skip, hop, crawl, talk, walk, throw, etc." That's all they really need to know. It's more than most 1st graders in ps would know! Others may disagree, so take this fwiw...just my humble .02!

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For second grade (this year) this is what I use for LA:


- PLL:

a. Thurs-Fri: composition lesson only.

b. Mon-Wed: everything else (except dictation).


- Spelling Plus Dictation (Mon-Wed) with word list, and every 3 weeks, I use PLL dictation for 1 day in place of SP.


- Reading: old 2nd reader (4x/week) and Webster speller to practice on reading multisyllable words. I also ask my son to narrate the story.


-Other LA skills:

a. narration, summarizing, notebooking, copywork and comprehension: reinforced during history, literature and nature story lesson.

b. grammar and others: incidental as I see fit.

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I agree with Sue, I don't think it is terribly important in first, but a fun something for 1st is the Grammar Rock CD. My dd ended up watching these because older brother was using this and she loved it. I don't know how much she retained, but she at least became familiar with the terms. HTH



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