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  1. There is a new on coming out. I pre-ordered it. It looks very interesting. It is for multiple ages. http://www.jennyphillips.com/history/
  2. I just found this and I think it will be great for large families. http://www.jennyphillips.com/history/ I have viewed samples, but haven't ordered yet.
  3. I just found these and ordered them. They are exactly what I have been looking for. I was very surprised that I have not seen them before.
  4. I think it would be fine. ALso, look at COttage Press books. You might like them too.
  5. http://cdn.memoriapress.com/curriculum/science/mammals-lessons-world-animals
  6. You could get some ear muffs(the noise reduction ones used for shooting). Also, I would just cut some problems out. You might just drop math for a week or two break. Or you could just read something like Life of Fred for a bit.
  7. I plan for my 9th and 11th grader to use this next year.
  8. I have these for sale if anyone is interested...Level1-5 and Wayfarers guide.
  9. Wayfarers http://barefootmeandering.com/site/wayfarers/
  10. LOL. I can't believe I put AAS instead of AAR. I didn't even notice.
  11. I didn't ask again. Someone posted a link to Phonogram Cards and I said that I needed Phonogram Cards and Word Cards. Also, there is a student workbook that is used in All About Reading.
  12. I need the Phonogram Cards and the Word Cards for Level 1.
  13. Does anyone know if you can buy just the cards...Phonogram and Word cards without the student book?
  14. This is coming out soon, http://barefootmeandering.com/wayfarers.html
  15. kolamum..are you following both guides? Are you alternating days? Also, do they do it by themselves or are you reading it?
  16. I plan to do this year. I would love to do it this year. I have a 7th grader that I know would love it.
  17. Also, don't you have a new baby? It might be easier to have something already planned. I just had baby #9 and I remember it being very hard going from baby 2 to 3 children. My oldest is 17 and I don't think she remembers too much at all about Kindergarten and 1st grade.
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