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Anyone have a potato recipe that can be frozen that they'd like to share?

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For some reason, I have two, yes TWO fifteen pound bags of potatoes.




Why, you ask? I have no idea. I suppose what happened is that when I was at the grocery store, I *thought we were out of potatoes, so I went to buy some. The 15 pound bags were actually cheaper than the smaller bags (at least right now where I live).


I don't usually buy 15 pound bags of potatoes. While I *love potatoes, they're not that healthy, so I try not to serve them very often. I only bought the 15 pound bag because it was cheaper, and I didn't think we'd be able to go through them before they went bad.


Well, now that you know my life story in relation to potatoes, LOL, can you help me?


When we do eat potatoes, it is in one of three ways:


mashed with no skins


french fries baked in the oven, either with or without skins


roasted with the skins on, flavored with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, sometimes sweet onion, and salt


Anyone have any tried and true ways to make any of the above dishes and freeze them? Or any other potato recipes that you like that freeze well? I've never tried it. I mean, I realize I could just do it and see what happens. But maybe someone has done this before? I just want to use the potatoes, and not let them go to waste. But I don't want to serve potatoes to my family every meal for the next two weeks; that doesn't seem healthy. Yummy, but not healthy. :D

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I'd make a bunch of pototo/cheese/broccoli soup ...... just boil some potato slices or chunks, drain, add chicken or vegie broth, some onion, spices, salt & pepper, etc. (the basics), then a bunch of shredded cheese and cooked broccoli. Whiz in the blender or use a hand blender, cool and freeze.

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