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Scorpion sting?

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I wish I could tell you how to get rid of them. My mom has the exterminator out, but I am more afraid of the chemicals than the scorpions. We usually just treat them like a bee or wasp sting. My kids have all learned not to put on clothing that has been on the floor without checking first, and to check their shoes, and also how to smoosh them with a shoe. :D We always seem to have more trouble with them after a long rain - I think they must be seeking dry ground.


My daughter once had one crawl onto her face and sting her on both lips while she was in bed. Ugh.

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I got stung by one when I was younger and it HURT.


My mom's standard cure for all stings (bee, wasp, scorpion, etc...) was a paste of meat tenderizer and water. Don't know why. That's what she did.:D


My kiddos have never been stung by anything. I guess that's the bonus of city life compared to my country upbringing.


My mom sprays for scorpions. I don't know what, but it does work. They crawl up out of the woodwork and die. I'm sure that a home store could help you. City-family have had exterminators come in and spray.

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Pain relief for the sting is usually whatever you use for pain (tylenol or advil). Your grandbaby will probably be fine. It hurts like a bad bee/wasp sting but not worse than that for most people. I knew a little boy who was allergic to scorpion sting venom, he ended up in ICU but his reaction was very very rare. His Mom knew he was in trouble minutes after he was stung. So if time has passed and grandbaby is doing alright now, grandbaby is extremely unlikely to have those kinds of problems.


The best way to get rid of scorpions is to get rid of the crickets that they eat. Scorpions are carnivores and getting rid of their food supply is the easiest way to get them to move on. Not much will actually kill them. They can live a very long time without food or water. And even getting stomped on is not a guarantee of killing them.


If you want to go on a scorpion hunt, take a black light outside at night and look around. They glow in the light. Most people use hot dog tongs to pick them up and then use a mallet or something on them to kill them. Be careful!


I hope that helps. Our house in Arizona didn't have a scorpion problem but others nearby did. I think it was the feral cats that kept the scorpions away from us.

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