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  1. My non-mathy daughter took Hon. Physics 1 with Jester as a sophomore. She loved it. I was really surprised! My son is taking the same thing this year as a freshman, concurrently with geometry. It has really worked out well for both of them. My daughter's sequence ended up being biology (Landry), physics 1, hon. chemistry, and now AP biology. She really enjoyed physics 1 and chemistry.
  2. My daughter also ended up with Colvin for Rhetoric 1 and we have been pleasantly surprised (though M. Vierra will always be one of her favorites, which is funny because she hated him for the first 4 weeks). Looks like my son will have Colvin for Logic 2 because Vierra's Logic 2 sections conflict. I am good with that. I'm amazed that there are 3 or 4 sections of Logic 2 and only one Latin Readings. Aaarrrgh. I mean I know why, but it's frustrating.
  3. We love Vierra. My daughter had him for GC 4. He challenged her in a good way. My son hopes to take him for GC 4 next year. I wish he could do Logic 2 with him, but there are class conflicts. I would say Mr. Vierra is deinitely in the top echelon of Wilson Hill teachers.
  4. She is one of my daughter's all-time favorite teachers. My daughter is NOT a math/science student, but Dr. Bailey is a great teacher, and she did very well in the Hon. Chem class last year. My son will be taking her next year.
  5. Has anyone had a child in a Wilson Hill course with her? What do you think?
  6. We got my senior's first SAT scores this morning - what a relief. So it turns out that, yes, she should have concentrated on the SAT rather than the ACT all this time. Her scores were not astronomical, but good enough to feel safe for the colleges she's most interested in. I am planning to have her retake in December, with less stress, to see if we can eek out a few more points for scholarship purposes. I was thinking of having my junior go ahead and take it too. She's fresh off prepping for the PSAT, and I can kill two birds with one stone. Is there a disadvantage to doing this? Would it be better for her to wait until the spring? She will be studying for the Latin AP at that point, but I guess we could wait until the June date. She's a somewhat better test taker than her older sister.
  7. Another thought- Do you already use this? We use the LD version and it was helpful last year. DD also went to one of their camps this summer. They also have online tutoring available sometimes. http://www.dfwspeechdebate.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=96&Itemid=73
  8. I wonder if Derek Owens has any plans to do an actual AP Physics class eventually? :bigear:
  9. Last year was our first year. Several judges expressed surprise that my daughter had written her own cases as a newbie. I didn't even have a clue that she was allowed to use a pre-written case, because our club teaches them to write their own from the beginning. We were babes in the woods. They will get better with practice, I promise. My dd can crank a case out like it is nothing now, after being thrown in the deep end of the pool last year. A lot of clubs keep everyone running the same pre-written cases until the training wheels come off. Maybe this varies regionally. I wish I could be more help!
  10. We do LD rather than team policy, but have you looked at the Source Book online at the NCFCA site for pre-written cases?
  11. So, taking Physics AP B would be redundant? Perhaps we should lean toward CC, then.
  12. If he took AP Physics as a senior, how should the DO Physics be listed on his transcript, I wonder? It seems a bit heavier than Conceptual Physics, but I am not sure about this. Our CC and state system has a course numbering system that makes course transfer between CC and unis easy. I have heard that the engineering schools really want you to retake calculus and physics even if you've gotten 5s on your APs, but they can't force you to, only recommend it. However, I hear that many engineering students do take the calc and physics at the CC successfully. It seems like doing calc and physics at CC senior year is a high risk, but high reward proposition compared to AP exams. :confused:
  13. My second daughter is very introverted. She can make friends, carry on a conversation, and does enjoy participating in extracurricular stuff. However, she seems perfectly satisfied to only interact with outside people when she must. She doesn't really have any "special" close friends. She's friendly with everyone, but during normal hours seems perfectly satisfied with her own society and a bit of her family's. :) This worries my husband a bit. He figures she MUST be lonely. Of course, he's a raging extrovert. I understand her a bit better, because I incline that way myself, especially as I've gotten older. I agree with the other posters about getting him involved somewhere, whether it is a job or something extracurricular. Even if he isn't "passionate" about it. Just pick something, and tell him if he won't pick for himself, then you will do it. That might force his hand. Or not. Either way. I don't deny my introvert her room time, because I know she needs it, just like I do. I just make sure she is getting out a few times a week.
  14. Just trying to think ahead... If you have a younger student (I have a 9th grader) taking Derek Owens Physics, what do you plan for their next physics course? Do you have your science sequence mapped out? This is new territory for me as my two older students are taking physics as a junior and senior. Yes, I have 3 students taking physics right now, lol. Also, have any of you who had a prospective engineering student had you child take physics and calculus at the CC instead of going the AP route? Pros and cons?
  15. I did get in touch with STES, thanks! Concordia Lutheran in Tomball is very friendly to homeschoolers taking AP exams, btw, but they don't offer Latin.
  16. Has anyone found a school in the Houston area, or surrounding towns, that will let a homeschool student sit for the Latin AP? We are on the northside, but we are willing to drive.
  17. She took the PSAT both sophomore year and junior year, and her scores actually went down her junior year. :001_huh: Of course, looking back, I realize that perhaps it wasn't a good idea to let her stay out late the night before at a football game. :tongue_smilie: This was another reason I decided to go for the ACT, but I probably overreacted to the lower PSAT score which was probably due to the late night. She tells me she actually has time on the SAT to go back and check, which she has never been able to do on the ACT. She says feeling so rushed makes her anxious. I hope this confidence with the practice SATs transfers to the real one.
  18. Yes, that was my own experience. It seems like doing significantly, not just slightly, better on the ACT is more common, at least anecdotally. I am hoping my daughter does the oppposite, but you don't seem to hear about that as much. Chepyl, the science section is definitely the worst part of the problem for her. She is underperforming on all the sections, though, even reading and English.
  19. I am kicking myself. My oldest has taken the ACT for the second time and not performed in a way that I would think corresponds to her actual abilities. She managed to get her score up two points after working through The Real ACT book, but it still isn't a great score. In other words - her grades, ranks in outside classes, ITBS scores all suggest she should have scored much higher. I pushed the ACT because I did so much better on it myself, and I heard over and over that most girls do better on it. I started having her take College Board produced SAT practice tests (the blue book) after her last ACT two weeks ago, and she is scoring MUCH better, at least on these practice tests. She says the time allowed makes it easier. She never can finish properly on the ACT. She'll take the SAT Oct. 6. I'm hoping those practice tests are reasonably accurate. :glare: Live and learn. I won't make any assumptions with my next kid. She will take both before I push her one way or another.
  20. I think the admissions ratio for the Ivies is more equal, so perhaps girls do need something extra.
  21. I think your main obstacle might be making sure your oldest knows that she will still have friends and not be isolated. Have a plan in mind for that before you tell her, so that you can reassure her about that.
  22. :iagree: I happen to mostly disagree with his assessment, but I agree with GretaLynne about what he is doing.
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