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Not sure why it takes a complete nervous breakdown to get my family on board.....

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but they seem to be a bit more so lately. Three weeks ago, I was honestly contemplating divorcing them all, but I am feeling much better now.


The Boy is up to date in his school work in every subject!! Hurrah!! I hope it stays this way while I am gone. He has also been much better at doing his chores without prompting.


The Girl performed in an October Festival this past weekend, and one of the best teachers in this area (Head teacher at Cornish, where she wants to go to college) sought her out to compliment both her and her teacher! This is huge, too- Piano Girl had not been making the most of her practices at home, and her teacher almost fired her at the beginning of the summer. PG has been working hard, and it shows. Scared straight does work now and again.


The Dude has been working very hard to communicate in a normal tone of voice, and has been supportive of me sleeping on the couch, instead of making me wrong for it. (Am couch sleeping due to hot flashes, night sweats, and his addiction to flannel sheets and waaayyy too many quilts on the bed.)


Then last night, I was very upset about something my mom had done (too long a story for this post, sigh), and called him up to vent. He started to try to fix things, and said some not too nice things about my mom. All True, but still not what I wanted to hear- I had just wanted him to listen to my feelings, and tell me I could handle it. When the conversation started to go awry, I gently told him we would have to discuss this later in person, and that I was going to hang up, so as not to yell myself. I called him 2 hours later, and started to talk, when he interrupted me to tell me he was very sorry for the way he has spoken to me, that he had been wrong, apologized about saying things about my mother, and also acknowledged me for hanging up so politely without causing an argument!!


I still have all the stress issues, health issues, and we are still way too short on money, but just seeing that all three of them are trying much harder, and that they seem to be recognizing that I can't handle any more of their stress-inducers is helping so much.


So are your good thoughts and prayers. Keep them up for me and mine, if you would please, they lift me up and help me feel not so alone. I know I will be getting much love and respite while at Dy's- even though I will be playing Nanny. That will help too.


Just thought all ya'll would like to hear a positive post from me for a change!!

LB, grateful for this place of community and support.

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